Auto union mobilizes to save the industry, but with tight strings attached

DETROIT — The prospect of 3 million jobs lost; pension and health care benefits cut for 1 million retirees, spouses and dependents; thousands of other businesses - dealers, suppliers and others - threatened; huge pension and health care costs tossed onto the federal government and taxpayers; a drop in revenues to federal, state and local governments forcing cuts in vital social services; a devastating blow to the entire economy, already in crisis — it’s a scenario that gets people's attention.


Art exhibit illustrates the role of religion in the struggle for survival among African Americans

HOUSTON – The renowned University Museum of the Texas Southern University just opened an exhibit of faculty members’ art on Nov. 21. The opening was just preceded by a timely visit from newly-appointed Cardinal Daniel DiNardo of the Houston-Galveston Archdiocese. The overriding theme of the current exhibit is religion and its role in the survival of the African American community in this country.

The Election of Our Lifetime Where from Here? Annual Amistad Award presentation to be held Dec. 7

Three labor and community leaders will be honored with the Amistad Award on Sunday, December 7 at 4:00 p.m. at the New Haven Peoples Center at 37 Howe Street, New Haven.

Minnesota euphoria over Obama win tempered by Senate recount

MINNEAPOLIS (PAI)--Whether Minnesota labor's massive effort to mobilize members in the 2008 elections was a success will ultimately turn on the results of a recount in the U.S. Senate race, Labor 2008 coordinators say.

Chilling stories from Sri Lanka

COLOMBO -- In the third week of November, it would be 11 weeks since the Sri Lankan government ordered United Nations agencies and international non-governmental organisations out of areas controlled by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in the North. The ostensible reason for the orders was that the government could not take any chances with the security of international aid workers following the escalation of hostilities between the government forces and the LTTE.

A Call to Action

Statement of the National Committee of the Communist Party USA at its November 15-16th 2008 meeting n New York The National Committee of the Communist Party USA calls on all of those concerned about the crisis that has gripped our country and the world to close ranks; unite and fight for the election mandate.

Prop. 8 passage mars election joy

OAKLAND, Calif. — Statewide protests against Proposition 8, a ballot measure approved by voters last week banning same-sex marriage in California, continued into their second week here, and marriage equality activists vowed to fight it out in court.

OPINION: To save auto jobs, and our planet, dont leave CEOs in the drivers seat

The Big Three auto companies may not like unions, consumers, environmentalists and the government having input into how their business is run, but with sales at a 25-year low, they would be in a much better position if they did.

Veterans sue to end benefit delays

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Two groups representing thousands of American veterans, Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) and Veterans of Modern Warfare (VMW), recently announced that they have filed a lawsuit against the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Un momento histrico

Fue el 4 de noviembre que pasó, Barack Obama fue elegido el primer presidente afroestadounidense. Este fue un momento histórico. En un país en la cual se mantuvo a la gente de decendencia africana en la esclavitud por tres ciento años y les negaron los derechos básicos de un ciudadano por cien años más eligió a un negro para presidente.

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