AFL-CIO questions war on Iraq

Growing grassroots opposition to President Bush’s drive to war with Iraq found expression in the leadership ranks of the labor movement earlier this month when AFL-CIO President John Sweeney told members of Congress that war should not be the first option in dealing with Iraq. (See related story page 14.)

Turnout key in dead-heat elections

We are “One Vote Away” from right-wing control of all three branches of the federal government warns People For the American Way (PFAW) in a television ad being aired in states where Senate races are too close to call.

Labor, community fight anti-bilingual drive

BOSTON – “We don’t need a California business magnate to come to Massachusetts and tell us how to educate our children,” Kathleen Kelly, president of the Massachusetts Federation of Teachers, said, expressing the sentiments of a coalition opposed to Question 2, an anti-bilingual education referendum on the November ballot.

Young communists prepare for convention

NEW YORK – For the past seven months, members of the Young Communist League USA (YCL) have been traveling around the country, organizing cultural events, doing election work, and forging alliances with youth organizers, all in preparation for the 7th National YCL Convention. The convention will be held in Chicago Nov. 22-24.

Prescription drugs: Spinmeisters at work

In a blatant attempt to highjack debate on domestic issues now that he has congressional approval for waging war against Iraq, President Bush has embarked on a desperate campaign to maintain control of the House of Representatives and capture control of the Senate in the Nov. 5 elections.

Youth march for educational justice

HARRISBURG, Pa. – The October 26th Youth March for Educational Justice brought nearly 2,000 high school students from across the state to the Capitol steps here, Oct. 22, demanding adequate and equitable funding. The march was organized by Good Schools PA. The crowd came from as far west as Pittsburgh and Wilkinsburg, as far east as Philadelphia.

To be or not to be . . . For Tom Tancredo

The Denver newspaper recently did a story on Jesus Apodaca, a gifted high school graduate who was having difficulties obtaining scholarships for his college education. The article revealed that he was from Mexico. Congressman Tancredo (R-Colo.), an extreme anti-immigrant ultra-rightist, uncovered his racist attitudes and asked the Immigration Service to deport Apodaca and his family. These events inspired this poem. – Trinidad Sanchez, Jr.

Martn Espada, singing truth in dark times

Raised in Brooklyn in a housing project in a community with strong ties to Puerto Rico and its histories of political resistance, Martín Espada is now recognized as a major poet of his generation.

Gus Hall remembered

Gus Hall former national chairman of the Communist Party, was interred at Forest Home Cemetery (formerly Waldheim Cemetery), near Chicago, Sept. 20. Gus and Elizabeth’s children, Barbara Conway and Arvo Hall, party leaders and friends attended the ceremony.

Ballots across the West promise Power to the people

Public ownership of electric power is an idea whose time has come – at least in San Francisco, Las Vegas and in the Big Sky state of Montana. Voters in these western locales have a chance to vote Nov. 5 for ballot questions that open the way for city or state takeover or buyout of private utility companies.

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