Reporters notebook: Occupation hurts both Palestinians, Israelis

The following is excerpted from a recent e-mail sent to friends and family from PWW/Mundo reporter and Communist Party Vice Chairwoman Judith Le Blanc. RAMALLAH – The meeting with President Arafat in the “compound” here, which had been under a 10-day seige by the Israeli army, dramatized what the Sharon regime’s goal was. They set out to ignite a conflict that would have caused an assassination of Arafat. The damage left the Palestinian National Authority headquarters destroyed.

Economic issues in the elections

With control of the House and Senate at stake in the Nov. 5 elections, the Republicans have launched a national campaign of lies and disinformation.

Azteca Foods workers struggle for justice

CHICAGO – About 30 Jobs with Justice activists, including a half dozen or more striking Azteca Foods workers, distributed informational leaflets at two large supermarkets, Dominick’s and Jewel, here, recently in support of the workers in their struggle to win a fair union contract. The action was part of a nationally coordinated, 10-city campaign to pressure Azteca Foods owner Arthur Velasquez to negotiate a fair contract with the union.

Calif. Bar Association says: Amend Patriot Act to uphold rights

In an outspoken affirmation of constitutional rights and due process, the California Bar Association’s Conference of Delegates last week called on the state’s members of Congress to support amending the USA Patriot Act to uphold fundamental constitutional rights.

Renew the struggle against anti-Semitism

The most myopic U.S. supporters of Ariel Sharon have launched a campaign to smear all who criticize Israeli and U.S. policy in the Middle East as anti-Semitic. They argue that Israel represents the crystallization of the aspirations of Jews as a people and that, therefore, questioning the idea of Israel as an exclusively Jewish state is intrinsically anti-Jewish.

Anti-war movement grows in labor ranks

Growing sections of organized labor are making the connection between U.S. military aggression abroad and cuts in social programs at home. Also, many in the labor movement are openly opposing the curtailment of civil liberties.

Vote for health care

Workers Correspondence The 2002 elections offer another opportunity to press for an agenda that meets the health, housing, education and safety needs of the people. Congress still has time to enact a prescription drug bill that will take care of all retirees age 55 years and older, including Medicare recipients.

Retirees who wont quit

Where do over two million union members go when they retire? The AFL-CIO has an answer: the Alliance for Retired Americans (ARA).

Production at any cost? Dockers say No!

Commentary When longshore workers go to work in the morning, they hope to come back to their family at the end of the day in one piece, and able to go to work the next day.

Our children cant vote, but you can ...

What am I missing here? The Oct. 7 New York Times ran a front-page article that said a majority of Americans believe President Bush and congressional leaders are spending too much time studying war while neglecting problems at home. A second front-page article in the same edition reported that Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone, visiting an eight-person company in Duluth to help draw attention to the spiraling cost of health care for small companies, had to ask a local television reporter for the favor of mentioning in her news report why he was there. She was only interested in a sound bite about Wellstone’s opposition to unilateral action against Iraq.

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