New election law carries risks

The passage this October of the “Help America Vote Act” is the product of long and hard work and difficult compromises by members of both the House and Senate, as well as the tireless efforts of election reform advocates around the country. The compromise bill takes historic steps forward, and regrettably, erects barriers at the same time.

Economic issues in the elections

With control of the House and Senate at stake in the Nov. 5 elections, the Republicans have launched a national campaign of lies and disinformation.

Romney no friend of working people

BOSTON – The Republican Party is pulling out all the stops in an effort to elect Mitt Romney as Massachusetts governor. Within a two-week period, both President George W. Bush and his father have made campaign appearances.

Frame-ups haunt Illinois GOP candidate

Commentary The 1985 attempt by Jim Ryan, the Republican candidate for governor and Joe Birkett, the Republican candidate for Illinois attorney general, to frame two Latino men has become a red-hot issue in the Illinois elections.

Bahr to Texans: Big vote can elect Kirk to Senate

DALLAS – Communications Workers of America President Morton Bahr told a “get-out-the-vote” (GOTV) meeting here Oct. 3 that the Bush administration is the “most pro-business, anti-worker administration in history!” He was speaking to union officers and activists in the headquarters of CWA Local 6215, as part of a national GOTV tour.

AARP hosts election debate in toss up district

WATERBURY, Conn. – The AARP held a debate between Jim Maloney (D) and Nancy Johnson (R) here Sept. 30. The forum focused on senior citizens issues, mainly a prescription drug benefit under Medicare, upholding and strengthening Social Security and health care. Nearly 400 senior citizens attended. Senior citizens’ voting turnout rate is usually higher than the general population’s.

Candidate promises living wage

BALTIMORE – Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Democratic candidate for governor, told a crowd of 1,500 here that she endorses and will push for an $11 an hour living wage for state employees, if elected.

The battle for New Jersey

New Jersey voters had good news last week. The good news was that Robert Torricelli, one of the worst Democratic Senators in the Northeast, had dropped his reelection bid. Besides having a record of aggressively supporting the Reagan contra war against the people of Nicaragua, Torricelli was hopelessly compromised by a corruption scandal that doomed him to defeat.


NOW president speaks on elections, peace

NEW YORK – Kim Gandy, National Organization for Women (NOW) president, spoke here Oct. 3, at New York University, before a standing-room-only crowd of about 200 people. Her speech, on the importance of feminism in today’s world, covered the topics of women’s rights, peace and the importance of the upcoming elections.