Homeland Security Act stalled

WASHINGTON – The Bush administration is facing a major blow in its efforts to enact the Homeland Security Act. The legislation is stalled in the Senate and many have doubts that it will see the light of day before this session ends Oct. 11.


Labor fighting to maintain control of Senate

South Dakota AFL-CIO President Gil Koetzle calls the state’s 2002 elections a “must win” battle for Democrats if they are to maintain control of the United States Senate.

Israeli peace movement on the move

TEL AVIV – On Sept.29, Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, who had been under seige for ten days in his almost completely destroyed headquarters in Ramallah, was greeted by a rally as he left the building after the Israeli occupation forces had withdrawn from the vicinity of the building. A crowd lifted Arafat on their shoulders and welcomed him as a victorious hero.

350,000 in London march against Iraq war

LONDON – Tony Blair may be President Bush’s only European ally in his drive for war on Iraq. But the people of the UK today forcibly demonstrated their opposition to forcible regime change.

Bosses bring armed thugs to talks

The West Coast longshore employers group, the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA), which has locked out 10,500 dockers, disrupted an Oct. 1 mediation meeting when its CEO, Joseph Miniace, walked in with an employer delegation accompanied by gun-toting security guards.

Bush ignores public opinion in war drive

In the face of growing public opposition and a divided Congress, President George W. Bush continued a fanatical drive towards war with Iraq pushing a bipartisan resolution giving him free reign to launch unilateral military action. Despite captiulation by some leaders of Congress, members of Congress are mounting a campaign reflecting the overwhelming calls and e-mails that have swamped their offices from constituents saying no to war.

Trial begins in York, Pa.

Thirty-three years after Lillie Belle Allen was shot down in cold blood in York, Pa., three men will go on trial for her murder – former mayor Charles H. Robertson, Robert Messersmith and Gregory Neff. Seven others, who admitted shooting at the car Allen was in, pled guilty to lesser charges in return for their testimony against the three defendants.

Labor benefit funds & national health

Recently, a major new constituency may have enlisted in the struggle for national health legislation. This group is a large, powerful group that is supposed to be totally cynical and ready to fight against, not for, national health legislation that might infringe on its turf. Add to these ingredients the fact that this constituency would not exist without the labor movement.

Fightback sparked by Latino profiling in Pa.

CHICAGO – On Aug. 14, a vanload of Latino immigrants from Chicago were traveling on the Pennsylvania turnpike, near Pittsburgh. The nine travelers, mostly Mexican nationals, were on their way to a conference of day laborers when the van blew a tire. To their relief, a Pennsylvania state trooper pulled his car over to offer help, they assumed.

Latinos and the recession

George Bush is trying to attract Hispanic voters by speaking Spanish and nominating a reactionary Latino lawyer as a federal judge. But the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda has examined congressional voting records. They have found that the right-wing Republicans have voted against Hispanic interests almost every time.

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