Sad day in Cincinnati

Worker’s correspondence Sept. 20, 2002, was a tragic day for the working people of Cincinnati, Ohio. The local leadership of the AFL-CIO labor council held its Committee on Political Education dinner in a unionized hotel located inside the area of downtown businesses being boycotted by civil rights organizations to protest injustices that touched off recent rioting here.

Steelworkers gear for 2004 negotiations

PITTSBURGH – On Sept. 20, two-and-a-half years before contracts covering hundreds of thousands of active and retired steelworkers expire, local union officers who are members of the United Steelworkers of America (USWA) Basic Steel Industry Conference (BSIC) met and produced a position paper in which they outlined an innovative approach to the 35 steel companies that have filed for bankruptcy protection in recent years.

International notes

Iraq: CP calls for solidarity / Australia: Unions vs. war / Colombia: Gov’t attacks vs. protesters denounced / China: U.S. ship troubles the waters / Canada: Union aids family of slain Colombian

Grito de Lares celebrated

Hundreds of visitors came out to the village of Lares, Puerto Rico, to celebrate the anniversary of the revolutionary uprising of September 23, 1868, an attempt to liberate Puerto Rico from Spanish colonialism.

An interview with William McNary

No matter the issue, if it affects working people, William McNary, president of USAction, is there, fighting the good fight for social and health security, quality public schools and against the right-wing agenda.

Latinos to make gains politically

In the last presidential elections, the Republicans made strong efforts to take Latino votes away from the Democrats. The Democrats also pumped up their efforts to keep this vote in their column.

Across the nation

Washington, D.C.: Census reports poverty increase, health care decrease / Sacramento, Calif.: Historic paid family medical leave / Orlando, Fla.: Part-time workers join the union / Denver, Colo.: 2,000 protest plans for war on Iraq / Pittsburgh, Pa: Peaceful resolution to Iraq crisis / New York City: Vigils and lobbying on Iraq

Peoples candidate sworn in as deputy mayor

NEWARK, N.J. – Ras Baraka, former people’s candidate for Councilman at Large here, was sworn in Sept. 27 as one of the city’s four Deputy Mayors. Jeannette Ramos, Ronald R. Rice and Evelyn Williams were the other three Deputies appointed by Mayor Sharpe James.

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