Alabama setback

Almost every state faces a severe financial crunch, with taxes and spending cuts dominating the news. In September, Alabama had a chance to vote on a real solution to its budget crisis.

Grocery strike solid

VENICE, Calif. – Several hundred workers and supporters from the community turned out in front of a Ralphs Market here Oct. 18 for a rally in support of the striking grocery workers.

L.A. grocery strike: A picket line report

Workers’ Correspondence LOS ANGELES – Millions of Southern Californians have let the giant Ralphs, Vons and Albertsons grocery chains know that, despite the victory of Gov.-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger, there has been no shift to the right in the thinking of working people.

Strikes rock Bolivia

Bolivia’s President Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada, in an increasingly desperate effort to quell the massive strikes, demonstrations and peasant roadblocks that have virtually paralyzed Bolivia for over a month, announced on Oct. 13 that he was temporarily suspending his plan to export natural gas through Chile to the United States.

Freedom Ride shakes up political landscape

Opinion Armed with solidarity, songs and the legacy of America’s civil rights movement, two busloads of immigrants and their African-American, white, Arab-, Asian-, and Latin-American supporters faced down dozens of Department of Homeland Security agents and their dogs in the heart of Texas last week.

Israel attacks Syria, vows more strikes

Taking a page from the “preemptive warfare” book of the Bush administration, the Israeli government of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon brazenly sent warplanes to bomb what it called a “Palestinian militant training camp” deep inside Syrian territory on Oct. 5. It was the first major Israeli attack on Syrian territory in 30 years. The Syrian press described the site of the bombing, Ein Saheb, as a Palestinian refugee camp.

Venezuela today: a trade unionist speaks out

“If there is one country where we need solidarity, it is here in the United States.”