Ballot measures to spur turnout

Karl Rove didn’t miss a trick in his schemes to contrive a Bush victory for president. One tactic is ballot initiatives prohibiting gay marriage, with the goal of splitting Democrats and consolidating the right-wing Republican base. Such measures will appear on the ballot in 11 states including the presidential battlegrounds of Ohio, Michigan, Oregon and Arkansas.

Turtles & Teamsters, 2004

GRASSROOTS POWER The League of Conservation Voters has been going door to door for John Kerry in the suburbs near Milwaukee, Wis. The environmental group gave the president an “F,” the first failing grade for a president in the history of LCV’s presidential report card. LCV’s mission is to hold the president and the Congress accountable for their environmental votes and policies.

Bill Gerson, math teacher and activist, 65

William (Bill) Gerson, 65, a mathematics professor at Prince George’s Community College (PGCC), who wrote for the Daily World, predecessor of the People’s Weekly World, died of cancer Oct. 4 at Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis, Md.

The insanity rap

Poetry The insanity rap Hip Hop! Be Bop! Push Bush out the door, in the year 2004!

Chicagos Crystal Ball real event in Shall We Dance

Film Review CHICAGO — In the world of ballroom dancing, Tommye Giacchino and Gregory Day have achieved it all, from winning both U.S. and world championships, to being featured on PBS’ “Championship Ballroom Dancing,” ESPN, BBC and Eurosport TV, to even starring in a children’s dance video.

Progressive cinema by Bill Meyer Compelling portrait of Allende

Film Review The following is the third in a series of articles on last month’s Toronto International Film Festival. Salvador Allende Canada Struck by the fact that there are very few artifacts in Chile today of former President Salvador Allende, director Patricio Guzman took his camera back once again to his homeland to pay tribute to the great socialist leader.

Preview of the Bush campaigns media endgame

Opinion With the presidential debates now behind us, the struggle for the White House will tilt even more toward decentralized media battles for electoral votes. Between now and Election Day, vast resources will go toward spinning local news coverage in swing states while launching carefully targeted commercials on radio and television.

Marching us to war under false pretenses (but for their own reasons)

Opinion The assault on Iraq was not rooted in self-defense, but in a totalitarian vision of America as ruler of the world.

Bush: gaining on James Buchanan for last place

Opinion The Republican National Convention presented George W. Bush’s presidency as a triumphant success. Most professional historians take a radically different view. A significant number of historians, in fact, rank the Bush presidency as the most disastrous in American history. They’re wrong.

Nothing but lies

Opinion Paul Krugman is a regular columnist for The New York Times. I have no way of knowing, but I imagine that he is paid well for what he does. And he should be.

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