Japan: No free ride for new, right-wing premier Nicaragua: Washington escalates pressure Paraguay: Gov’t ends U.S. troop immunity Egypt: Nuclear power program to resume


Posada and Bushs war on terror jam

Cuban exile and accused terrorist Luis Posada Carriles is back in the news. Posada is the admitted mastermind behind the bombing of a Cubana Airlines jet, which killed 73 people in a midair explosion over Barbados on Oct. 6, 1976.


Victory for Klamath River salmon

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Native American tribes, commercial fishermen, recreational anglers and environmental groups have won a huge victory here.

North Korean test: Wide calls for negotiations, not confrontation

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) announced it tested a nuclear weapon Oct. 9, provoking international condemnation from allies and enemies alike, as well as calls for negotiations, not confrontation.

Texans get eyewitness account of Venezuelas Bolivarian Revolution

DALLAS — Here and in other Texas cities — Garland, San Antonio and Fort Worth — Communist Party national board member Elena Mora reported on her recent trip to Venezuela. Her whirlwind Texas tour in the first week of October was directly linked to the People’s Weekly World fund drive.

From the PWW archives, Oct. 21, 1995: African Americans March

This article was reprinted from the October 21, 1995 issue of the People’s Weekly World. WASHINGTON - From the west steps of the Capitol as far as the eye could see, to the Washington Monument hundreds of thousands of African Americans gathered Monday, Oct. 16 for the “Million Man March.”


Hot race in Pennsylvania

One of the most exciting and pivotal election campaigns in Pennsylvania is in the 6th Congressional District, northwest of Philadelphia, where Lois Murphy (D) is challenging incumbent Jim Gerlach (R) for the second time.


Life and Death

Aaron Mahler, 1918-2006 George Shenkar, lifelong activist


CD Review: Anne Feeney strikes again

Anne is best known as “The Union Maid” from her lifelong dedication to the labor movement. Her continuing concern for work and workers is reflected in both her opening cut and “Too Much Monkey Business,” her hilarious and completely updated version of the old Chuck Berry song. Here she presents a great take on contemporary working-class frustrations.


From Vietnam to Iraq at Toronto Film Fest

Aware of the connection between art and politics, many artists over the years have lent their names to social change. A couple films at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival document the ordeals of two world-famous artists sharing many similarities, albeit years apart.

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