Health care crisis up close & personal

I work in Philadelphia with a group that is trying to get health care for all. Our overall goal is the passage of legislation that would create a government funded, single-payer health care system in the United States.


New Yorkers aim to shift Congress

HYDE PARK, N.Y. — People have long said that New York, with at least four vulnerable Republican-held congressional seats, is a battleground state. And as national scandals continue to engulf the Republican Party, local Democrats are getting a boost.

Chicagoans fight surging utility rates

CHICAGO — With 57,000 households having their heat shut off, people unable to cook, no hot water for bathing, and the chill of fall setting in, low-income Chicagoans are looking to use the upcoming election for governor to press for a law that would allow them to pay their utility bills based on their limited incomes.

Bound and dug in debt and glut

Two stories roiled Massachusetts this summer. Seemingly unrelated, the two are connected by the contradictions between incalculable wealth and spreading poverty, a glut of capital and deepening individual and governmental debt, and extraordinary monopolization and growing social atomization.


N.Y. transit strike assessed

NEW YORK — Several hundred transit workers, labor activists and academics gathered Sept. 28 for a conference titled “Assessing the NYC Transit Strike of 2005.”



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Left-wing festivals showcase politics, culture

ATHENS, Greece — Autumn festivals organized by Communist parties and their allied youth groups are a longstanding tradition in many European countries, especially in Greece, Portugal, Spain and, since 1991, in the Czech Republic.

Pressures on Bolivian leader mount

Prior to a recent soccer match in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, 40,000 spectators intoned the state’s hymn and then chanted “Autonomy!” They ended by shouting obscenities aimed at President Evo Morales, the recently elected former peasant leader of indigenous origin.



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