GOP candidates losing ground with Calif. voters

Voters’ growing dissatisfaction with Republican incumbents is evident in California.

Films zoom in on U.S. politics

Several films dealing with American politics and social issues were premiered at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival.

Gripping narrative of an Iraqi trade unionist

Although Iraq is foremost in our thoughts, the condition and struggles of Iraqi workers remain the least discussed aspects of life there. Few outside the Arab world know that the Iraqi working class has been one of the best-organized, most politically engaged working classes in that region. As “Hadi Never Died” by Abdullah Muhsin and Alan Johnson relates, Iraqi workers have been at the forefront of their country’s history.



The Republican record on Social Security

The Republican record on Social Security, 1935-2006


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Lumpkin, Saint of Chicago, feted at 90

CHICAGO — “We look forward to celebrating Frank’s 180th birthday,” declared Scott Marshall, labor secretary of the Communist Party and friend of Frank Lumpkin, who was celebrating his 90th birthday with family, friends and comrades at a packed Unity Center on Oct. 13. “It’s ironic because Frank has never done anything 180 in his life. He’s never turned away from a fight.”