Elah questions war

“In the Valley of Elah,” directed by Paul Haggis, is a refreshingly open and frank look at the harsh realities the war in Iraq has caused and its impact on U.S. military families.

Solidarity talks, phonies squawk

As soon as aspects of the proposed contract with General Motors were revealed, activists’ e-mail boxes began to fill up with the opinions of armchair socialists. “Sellout” and “backroom deal” were the usual characterizations. All of them blasted the union; none of them criticized GM. All of them were full of shrieking condemnation; none of them had any positive suggestions as to how we could help.

LETTERS: Oct. 13

No Blackwater ‘The Brother’ Gun violence Daily Worker request

Port unveils clean truck proposal

OAKLAND, Calif. — Truck pollution, now contributing to soaring rates of asthma, cancer and heart disease in the West Oakland community, may be heading downward under a new plan announced by Port of Oakland officials here.


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By slim margin, Costa Rica passes free trade pact

In an unprecedented referendum, Costa Rican voters Oct. 7 ratified a “free trade” treaty with the United States, putting their nation on track with neighboring Panama, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala — plus the Dominican Republic — to join the U.S.-sponsored Central American Free Trade Agreement. Under CAFTA, tariffs and quotas will phase out over 10 years.

Latino Congreso sets 2008 agenda

Some 2,000 Latino leaders and activists from throughout the United States met in Los Angeles Oct. 5-9 to map an action plan and social justice program for the 2008 elections. Their goal is to bring out 10 million Latino voters who can play a decisive role in the presidential and congressional elections.