Hotel workers overwhelmingly authorize a strike

With an overwhelming strike authorization vote Oct. 22, workers are ratcheting up the pressure on the city's top hotels to end their stalling, drop demands for takeaways and agree to a fair contract. Many of the city's most prominent hotels are among the 31 affected by the vote


Labor: ‘It’s jobs, not the deficit, stupid!’

 "The need for massive job creation should trump fear of large federal budget deficits expressed in opinion polls," declared a top AFL-CIO analyst this week.


Afraid no more: Domestic workers fight back

She became the child's nanny when the little girl was 18 months old. For the next seven years she nurtured and guided the girl through all the typical milestones of childhood - growing out of and into new clothes, toileting, walking, playing, meeting new friends, pre-kindergarten, first grade and more.


Support the union label on Halloween

“When those little ghosts and goblins come collecting on Halloween,” a leading labor journalist declared on Oct. 21, “make sure you have a full supply of union made goodies to hand out.”


Nurses ready to strike over swine flu safety

“When nurses are exposed to tuberculosis, the hospital notifies us. When nurses are exposed to head lice, the hospital notifies us. Why then are we not told when we are exposed to H1N1? Staff need to know if they have been exposed..."


Labor coalition pushes for financial reform

Americans for Financial Reform, a coalition of almost all the nation’s unions and more than 200 other organizations, is stepping up efforts this week to push for strong re-regulation of the finance industry.


Young workers are the future of America, says new labor official

Speaking at the “A Better Deal 2009” Demos conference Oct. 15, Liz Shuler, AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer, said fixing the economic crisis and the future of America depends on the leadership and active involvement of young people.


Houston janitors rally for union contract

Houston janitors and supporters rally at their "contract convention," setting the scene to win increased wages and benefits.


Fired workers say, ‘Not so fast!’

Companies that terminate workers in questionable ways are finding themselves in court, facing not just the employees they terminate but also the unions that represent them.


Quilt dramatizes housekeepers’ stories

Held aloft by hotel workers and community supporters, the Hope Quilt stretched down the block from the Grand Hyatt hotel’s entrance on a sunny October afternoon.

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