Teachers protest power play by chancellor

 Two blocks from the White House, hundreds of Washington D.C. public school teachers, parents, students and labor activists today responded with a resounding “no” to what many see as a brutal power grab by the Chancellor of the D.C. Public Schools, Michelle Rhee.


Workers charge Red Cross with unfair labor practices

ST. LOUIS – “I’ve worked 96 hours in a single week,” Jason Withey, a Red Cross driver from Buffalo, N.Y., told the World here on Oct. 8. “I could live better working at Wal-Mart.”


Thompson: Treatment of Stella d’Oro workers ‘disgraceful’

Brynwood Partners, which owns cookie-manufacturer Stella d’Oro has drawn the ire of city Comptroller and Democratic mayoral candidate Bill Thompson, who said the private equity firm’s actions are “disgraceful.


Farmworkers seek justice for tobacco cutters

Hundreds of delegates with the Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC) convened in Toledo, Ohio, Oct. 3, during their 11th national convention.

Labor turns up the heat on health care

Labor leaders converge on Washington D. C. for days of lobbying for a public option.

Labor mounts drive to count every Latino

The labor movement is adding careful counting of every single Spanish speaking person in the United States to the long list of things it already does above and beyond its traditional role of representing workers on the job.


Workers will see a recovery?

Demands are growing to use leftover bailout money to provide jobs for the unemployed.


Albuquerque teachers rally against budget cuts

In a major effort by the Albuquerque Teachers Federation backed by New Mexico labor unions and parents, the federation is planning a huge march and rally at the state capitol to prevent a second round of budget cuts. The march and rally planned for Friday, October 9th, has as its main theme reversing tax cuts for the wealthiest.

New Yorkers rally for paid sick leave

Hundreds rally to support City Council bill.


New York City’s TWU Local 100 rallies for a contract

A New York labor giant takes it to the streets.

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