Haymarket landmark finally established

CHICAGO — The Teamsters trucked it up from downstate. The Chicago Federation of Labor had lobbied for the funding from the state of Illinois. The Illinois Labor History Society campaigned tirelessly for it.

Public workers hit the streets in S. Africa

Hundreds of thousands of South African public workers held a one-day strike Sept. 16 over the government’s rejection of their demands for a 7 percent wage hike, an across-the-boards medical aid and housing allowance, and review of a provision linking salaries to inflation for the next two years.

Farm workers win big in North Carolina

Eight thousand farm workers won union recognition Sept. 16 with the signing of what the Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC) called the largest union contract in North Carolina history.

Michigan nurses strike for patient care

MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. — “We’re out here for the patients,” said Mary James, a medical-surgical nurse at Mount Clemens General Hospital. “We can’t give them proper care. Money is not an issue — just give us more help,” she said.

Overtime fight wins a rare victory on Capitol Hill

News Analysis These days, with Bush in the White House and Congress locked down under Republican control, a legislative victory for workers is rare.

Labor grass roots harvest a bumper crop

PITTSBURGH — “In 2000, I voted my gun. In 2004, I’m voting my job!” read the banner draped across steel beams on one of several Ironworkers floats in this city’s Labor Day parade.