End terrorism The horrific scenes of children being carried out of the Russian school in Beslan and the mangled buses in Beersheba, Israel, have sickened and outraged, once again, all peace- and justice-loving people the world over.

Panama releases 4 anti-Cuba terrorists

On Aug. 26, Mireya Moscoso, not quite done with her term as president of Panama, pardoned four jailed terrorists. To the cheers and warm embraces of hundreds of like-minded Floridians, three well-known criminals returned home to U.S. soil, the very home, of course, of war against terrorism.

New York City labor slams Bush agenda

NEW YORK — This city’s labor movement flexed its muscle outside the Republican National Convention Sept. 1 as some 50,000 protesters came out to oppose the Bush agenda — including the war in Iraq and the “war on working families here at home” — in a rally that stretched from 23rd Street all the way to Madison Square Garden. click here for Spanish text

Labor Day rally jams W.Va. country roads

RACINE, W.Va. — It was a traffic jam the likes of which residents of rural southern West Virginia had never seen. Over 5,000 workers wound their way up a narrow road here to hear Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry slam George W. Bush’s record on jobs, health care and foreign policy at a Labor Day celebration hosted by the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA).