Latinos for Peace sends a message

The large peace demonstrations in Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles and other cities and towns across our nation this weekend can be milestones in the history of democracy in our nation. They can be events where people’s organizations and activists who represent the country’s majority peace sentiments start moving concertedly to change the direction of our government.

Peace movement at a turning point

Over half of Americans now believe the U.S. war in Iraq is not worth the human and financial cost. Only 36 percent believe that maintaining current troop levels will ensure safety and stability in the country. It’s a turning point moment for U.S. policy and the peace movement. How can the peace movement meet the challenge?

Uncovering the truth: Bush administration cheats wounded soldiers and veterans

WASHINGTON — Many soldiers wounded in Iraq suffer injuries so terrible they would have died in past wars. But today they survive thanks to advances in shock trauma medicine. Yet they return home with terrible disabilities — missing limbs, blinded or with severely disfiguring scars.

Philadelphia greets Bring Them Home Now tour

PHILADELPHIA — On Independence Mall, across the street from the Liberty Bell, over 500 supporters rallied Sept. 16 to welcome Gold Star mother Cindy Sheehan and the “Bring Them Home Now” bus tour. The tour was making its way toward the national antiwar rally and march set for Sept. 24 in Washington.

Chicago says Bring the troops home

CHICAGO — “This war has been an immense waste and it burns me to know the losses taking place,” declared South Side Alderman Ed Smith in City Council chambers Sept. 14. “It’s senseless to allow it to continue. Let’s admit the mistake and bring the troops home!” And with that, fed up members of the Chicago City Council voted 29-9 to “immediately commence an orderly and rapid withdrawal of United States military personnel from Iraq.”

Time for an Iraq exit strategy

At Capitol Hill hearing, talk is not ‘if’ but ‘how’ WASHINGTON — With thousands of people across the nation protesting the Iraq war, Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-Calif.) convened a Capitol Hill hearing Sept. 15 to air “exit strategies” to bring the troops home.