If only one persons eyes are opened, its worth it

The following interviews and photos were obtained by Mark Almberg on Sept. 23 in Chicago as antiwar demonstrators waited to load up buses outside the Art Institute.

CPUSA in thick of antiwar actions

WASHINGTON — The Communist Party USA played an important role in the Sept. 24 demonstration against Bush’s Iraq war, bringing its own members and mobilizing others to come, as well as forming a large contingent in the march.

Why no talk of impeachment?

The following comments were gathered in Washington a few days before the march by PWW reporter Lawrence Albright

Bush orders evacuation of Cindy Sheehan

FEMA dispatches bus to Washington for antiwar mom Saying that “severe weather conditions could strike at any moment,” President George W. Bush today ordered the immediate evacuation of antiwar protester Cindy Sheehan from the front lawn of the White House.

Maine activists protest Blue Angels show

BRUNSWICK, Maine — The U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels aviation team roars across the nation, year after year, from crowd to crowd, titillating families and the public with acrobatics in the sky. This year, the “Great State of Maine Air Show” expanded its draw.

Opening at a living room near you: Film exposes Wal-Marts assault on families and American values

Some of the best documentary films have been shot on location in the midst of labor and community struggles, like Barbara Kopple’s “Harlan County USA,” or Michael Moore’s “Roger and Me.” The work of the director, crew and editor artfully carries us into the midst of these passionate, nitty-gritty events. Robert Greenwald, producer and director of “Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism,” a critical look at the Fox News Network and the control by multinational corporations over the public’s access to news and information, brings a new contribution to the documentary genre with “Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price.”

Haitis endless struggle

On Feb. 29, 2004, elected Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide was deposed a second time and forced to leave the country. In “Aristide and the Endless Revolution,” veteran filmmaker Nicolas Rossier takes his camera to Haiti, the U.S., South Africa and Barbados to learn the truth about what led to Aristide’s expulsion from office. The result is an engaging, informative documentary that sheds light on the U.S. role in overthrowing a democratically elected president.

Oil and Katrina

As the Asia Times proclaimed: “New Orleans is the first city lost to global warming.”

Browns resignation: its a start

I guess we should all be happy that Michael D. Brown, the director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, resigned. It is a step in the right direction, but I believe that Brown did the job to the best of his abilities. Unfortunately, the best of his abilities was in running horse shows instead of managing emergencies. He was not qualified to do this job.

Block captains for peace

After a period of decreased activity, the antiwar movement is picking up the pace again. What can we do to insure that it grows as quickly and widely as it has the potential to do? What are the segments of the population that we should concentrate our organizing efforts on?

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