Latinos step up calls to end war, military recruitment

The peace movement is alive and well in Latino communities across the nation, as well as in Puerto Rico. click here for Spanish text


Labor stories on stage one womans vision

CHICAGO — The audience was moved. Many, especially the moms in the room, were moved to tears. Who evoked such a response at a lunchtime performance during the July International Labor Communications Association convention here? Lucy Parsons. Actually, actress and playwright Melody Cooper’s tender interpretation of Parsons, one of America’s unique labor heroines.

In the hills of Caracas, a beautiful day to be alive

What a beautiful day it was to be alive. Today was the third day of the World Festival of Youth and Students, here in Caracas, Venezuela. We received a wakeup call at 6 a.m. to try to get to the busses by 7:30. Each day had been packed with different activity options. Today I chose the Caracas tour, which every day takes you to a different part of the city’s outskirts.

For the good of the students, unionize charter schools

I credit my bosses at a charter school I worked at with sparking my interest in unions. I’d always been progressive and I’d long since decided socialism was the answer, but I never gave much thought to unions until I experienced firsthand why workers need them.

Reverend Pat: Have gun, will travel

Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev once compared religious leaders who attacked the Soviet Union to the priests who blessed with holy water the weapons of the czar’s armies. But Pat Robertson has gone Nikita one better, advising the U.S. government to murder Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, whose progressive government, according to Reverend Pat, threatens to become a haven for “Communist infiltrators” and Muslim terrorists. Reverend Pat then “apologized,” stating that he was just frustrated with Chavez.

GOPs stealth plans for Social Security privatization

If you thought privatization of Social Security was dead and we won, think again. According to the Dallas Morning News, the Republicans are planning a devious plan to sneak in private accounts this fall, doing it in a way that will not require Senate committee approval. And Karl Rove is involved, meaning this is still a high priority.

Editorial: 50 years after Emmett Till

August 28 marked the 50th anniversary of the lynching of Emmett Till in Mississippi. This 14-year-old Chicago youth was abducted, beaten, tortured and shot in the head by racists for “whistling” at a white woman. The courageous decision of Till’s mother to order his mutilated body displayed in an open casket touched off a worldwide outcry against lynching. It ignited the civil rights revolution.

Abstinence-only? Inadequate sex education threatens student safety

Abstinence-only education denies students basic information on pregnancy prevention and sexually transmitted diseases. It fails to acknowledge that most will become sexually active as young adults.

Tennessee disabled rights sit-in enters third month

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The occupation of Gov. Phil Bredesen’s office here by disabled rights activists has entered its third month. The activists are protesting proposed cuts in TennCare, Tennessee’s state health care program.

Missing! Five million workers are missing, and almost nobody has noticed

When the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that July’s unemployment rate was only 5 percent, President Bush interrupted his five-week vacation to take credit for a strong economy. But a report released earlier this summer strikes a jarring note.

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