Imperialisms design on Venezuela, Cuba condemned

CARACAS, Venezuela – As part of the internationalist spirit of the World Youth and Student Festival, where 17,000 youth from over 130 countries came together here to build relationships, share experiences, and fight for peace and solidarity, an international anti-imperialist tribunal was held Aug. 13-14.


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Editorial: Hypocrisy on terrorism

While the Bush administration talks tough on terrorism, it went to court to keep admitted terrorist murderer Luis Posada Carriles from being brought to justice. Posada Carriles, among other things, masterminded the 1976 bombing of a Cuban passenger jet that killed over 70 people.

Guantanamo hunger strike

Despite conflicting reports from the Pentagon and total silence from the Red Cross, prisoners at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have held several hunger strikes since 2002, protesting conditions and their prolonged confinement without any formal charges.


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Labor Update

Boeing grounded for third week AFSCME, SEIU sign pact Toast the Farmworkers Steelworkers vote ‘no’ 140-0 International support for NYU union Unite Here leaves AFL-CIO


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Calif. gov. to veto same-sex marriage

Within a day after the California Legislature approved a bill legalizing same sex marriage, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said last week that while he respects the legal protections already in place in California for gays, he would reject the bill and believes the issue should be settled in court.


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Editorial: Respect Venezuela

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez charged Sept. 13 that the Bush administration was trying to interfere with his participation in the UN’s 60th Anniversary Summit session by denying visas to his security and medical teams.

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