FROM THE PWW ARCHIVES, Sept. 28, 2002: Visiting a Hero

Finally, we heard that four members of our family were granted visitor status at the Federal Correctional Institute McKean in Bradford, Pa. We decided to make a camping trip out of this unique opportunity to visit René Gonzalez, a prisoner there, with whom we had been corresponding.

PhRMA got the doughnut we got the hole

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A group of 75 seniors found the doors of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America’s headquarters here locked against them as they attempted to deliver a basket of doughnut holes Sept. 22. “PhRMA got the doughnut — we got the hole,” they chanted outside the office building.

Veterans, legal experts hit deal on torture

WASHINGTON — Human rights defenders urged the Senate to reject a deal between President George W. Bush and Republican senators that would strip hundreds of detainees of habeas corpus rights and leave the door open for use of evidence obtained by torture in military tribunals at the U.S. prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba


Robert Earl Jones, acting pioneer, blacklistee, dies at 96

Stage and film actor Robert Earl Jones, father of actor James Earl Jones, died Sept. 7 at age 96.

Venezeuela book falls short

There are many books on the increasingly complex relationship between Venezuela and the United States. Some are very good, insightful, and provide political context to help outsiders understand the changes within Venezuela and its relationship to the U.S. Other books, though, are less inspiring and don’t add to the discussion surrounding President Hugo Chávez, or Venezuela-U.S. relations.

Progressive cinema at 2006 Toronto film fest

TORONTO — Many consider the Toronto International Film Festival one of the greatest film events of the Western Hemisphere, certainly the most viewer-friendly. Toronto is hosting over 350 films from 60 countries. Some 250 are feature film premieres categorized under the headings of “The Masters,” “Real to Reel,” “Midnight Madness” and others.




NLRB decision looms; ‘Ring my bell’; CBTU calls for Zimbabwe solidarity; Union pie; Two workers die, manager sentenced to teach safety class; More workers in debt; Now in aisle 6 — Wal-Mart voter guides; World Bank’s dirty business; Whistle blowers silenced; This week’s tally for health care; Workers’ comp for 9/11 workers; Laborers get to work

Social Security and the November elections

George Bush is getting set for another attempt to raid Social Security by deliberately and falsely connecting the retirement program with the crisis facing health care in the U.S

Houston janitors campaign for justice

HOUSTON — Demanding wage increases to $8.50 per hour, more work hours, and access to health care, a convention of 800 janitors voted overwhelmingly Sept. 23 to authorize their SEIU bargaining committee to call the city’s 5,300 union janitors out on strike if necessary.

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