Hungarians call for premiers resignation

After a secret speech by Hungarian Premier Ferenc Gyurcsany, in which he admitted to having lied to Hungarians “morning, noon and night” about the state of the economy, was leaked to the press, Sept. 17, all hell broke loose.


Marchers demand freedom of Cuban 5

WASHINGTON — The struggle for the freedom of the Cuban Five reached a new level Sept. 23 when activists from 30 U.S. cities across the nation marched on the White House to demand their release. The march was followed by a public forum at George Washington University.


South Africa: Militants step up struggle against AIDS Philippines: Resistance to human rights abuses Palestine: Humanitarian crisis intenstifies Haiti: Dealing with crushing debt South Korea: Protests over U.S. base expansion

Puerto Ricans rally for independence

Thousands of people in Lares, Puerto Rico, lashed out at the United States last weekend while marking the anniversary of the colony’s first call for independence and denouncing the FBI for the shooting death of independence leader Filiberto Ojeda Rios a year ago

Protesters tell Blair: Take your wars with you

MANCHESTER, England — Thousands of peace protesters descended on this northern British city last weekend to tell Prime Minister Tony Blair to “take your wars and privatization with you when you go.”


Making history in Massachusetts

Deval Patrick won the Massachusetts Democratic primaries Sept. 19 against venture capitalist Chris Gabrieli and State Attorney General Tom Reilly.

Whats Really Good

Venezuela’s young communists urge unity Dolores Huerta urges youth to vote Youth launch ‘books not bombs’ campaign Youth voters underrepresented at the polls

Missouri judge strikes down photo ID law

ST. LOUIS — Missouri voters recently won a historic voting rights victory. On Sept. 14 Judge Richard Callahan of the Circuit Court of Cole County in Jefferson City struck down section 115.427 of SB 1014, the Missouri Voter Protection Act (otherwise known as the photo ID law). Callahan called the law unconstitutional.

National Clips

OXMOOR VALLEY, Ala.: Parents fight for desegregated schools SACRAMENTO, Calif.: Bring the Guard home, says Democratic gubernatorial candidate RALEIGH, N.C.: Deputies beat up African American pastor WASHINGTON: GOP culture of corruption taints drug safety, reading programs NEW ORLEANS: Where’s FEMA? Try the Superdome

Calif. ballot props: clean elections, energy

Among 13 propositions on California’s ballot this Nov. 7, two that have attracted particular attention deal with “clean money elections” and incentives for alternative energy.

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