Students take stand against hate symbol Candidates making friends on MySpace U.S. students begin med school in Cuba

Embrace the Salt of the Earth

Donate $500 to the People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo Fund Drive and receive the film classic “Salt of the Earth' for free. In addition to the DVD, you will receive a numbered letter signed by one or more actors who appeared in the film.

Miami journalists take govt money

Using information obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, the Miami Herald on Sept. 8 named 10 journalists as having received U.S. government money for work with Radio and TV Marti, the U.S. outlet for propaganda to Cuba.


MovieREVIEW: As American as getting high

CHICAGO — What we are watching in Anna Boden’s and Ryan Fleck’s “Half Nelson” feels like a “full nelson.” The camera lingers, following two people.


Giving women composers their due

Performed by Dr. Charlotte Mueller, “Woman’s Work” is a collection of piano music by seven women composers of the 19th and 20th centuries whose lives and accomplishments reflect social and political struggles of those eras, women whose names have hit the music history books but whose work is hardly known.




Hazleton, Pa.: In a town built by immigrants, residents speak out

HAZLETON, Pa. — Since the end of the 19th century, when workers from eastern Europe flocked to this area to work in the coal mines, Hazleton has been a city of immigrant workers. These workers joined the Mine Workers Union and the area was the site of great labor struggles.

Business-backed DLC supports union-backed law

WASHINGTON (PAI) —Showing the power of election-year politics to unify feuding factions, the mostly business-backed Democratic Leadership Council said on Sept. 6 that it formally backs the labor-pushed Employee Free Choice Act.


East Timor: Popular forces under the gun India: 50 coal miners killed Canary Islands: Massive influx of African migrants Afghanistan: Taliban are back Japan: Gov’t bans contaminated U.S. rice


Haiti activists say solidarity needed

BERKELEY, Calif. — A standing room only crowd packed St. Joseph the Worker Roman Catholic Church Sept. 9 as U.S. and Haitian activists called for continuing solidarity with the Haitian people’s struggle for peace, justice and democracy.

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