Conservatives without Conscience: An insider views the GOPs ominous politics

In recent years our society has witnessed the rise of a right-wing authoritarian political movement hiding behind a self-described “conservative” label while engaging in vicious, confrontational and hypocritical tactics in all areas of political activity.

Chavez goes on the road, aims for multipolar world

Addressing a rally in Caracas on Sept. 1, the day he returned from a trip to China, Malaysia, Syria and Angola, President Hugo Chavez, campaigning for re-election, posed Venezuela’s role in the world as crucial to his “strategic plan” for the nation.

Ohio grandma rages at corporate tax hypocrisy

“I have three grandchildren in Toledo public schools,” she said. “Their teachers have not had a raise in seven years. Each school only has two computers. How can they tell me I have not been harmed?”

Oil and defense CEOs hit the jackpot

The $3 a gallon shelled out by customers at the pump has lined the pockets of top energy executives, according to a report released Aug. 29 by United for a Fair Economy and the Institute for Policy Studies.

TWU update contract arbitration under way

The latest phase in the ongoing struggle of New York City’s transit workers for a just contract began Aug. 4 with the opening of arbitration hearings.


Venezuela: Children’s heart hospital opens Canada: Autoworkers help rebuild New Orleans United Nations: Disability rights treaty launched Kenya: New fence to bar ‘have-nots’ China: Government to fight workplace deaths


Lebanon, after blockade, haltingly starts to rebuild

While a fragile and not-fully-honored truce continues to hold sway in Lebanon, and despite the Israeli government’s three-week-long blockade of the country, initial steps are being taken in Lebanon to rebuild.

Mexican leftist remains defiant after court ruling

Despite evidence of electoral fraud, Mexico’s Federal Electoral Tribunal declared Felipe Calderon, candidate of the National Action Party (PAN), president of Mexico on Sept. 5.


Network combats police harassment

SAN FRANCISCO — Immigrant rights organizations are forming a new network to demand an end to police actions they say violate the city’s values of dignity, respect and equality for immigrants. Representatives gathered on the steps of City Hall Aug. 23 to protest police misconduct.

At the border, hearing presents alternative view

TUCSON, Ariz. — In a campaign to counter anti-immigrant Republican congressional hearings, the Coalición de Derechos Humanos, with the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights and sister organizations across the country, kicked off the first of several national hearings on border and immigration issues here Aug. 18.

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