Progressive Cinema preview: What Toronto has in store

Once again the Toronto International Film Festival is gearing up to present one of the Western hemisphere’s most prestigious cinematic events. The festival will host over 300 films of all types from 64 countries, presented to one of the largest audiences of film lovers, over 340,000+ admissions. In addition, over 500 prominent directors and actors plan to attend the Festival that is divided into several major categories such as Masters, Contemporary World Cinema, Real to Reel and 15 others.


Its good to be reminded Why you should support the PWW

Our fund drive will help to continue the PWW’s budding online presence. Already, much has been done, including daily updates, and live, on-the-spot coverage of the Democratic National Convention, the first time this paper has been able to cover such an event in real time. There are changes coming to the print edition as well.


Tribunal mexicano apoya derecho reproductivo

La mayoría de la Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nación en México ratificó la constitucionalidad de la despenalización del aborto durante los primeras 12 semanas promulgada en el Distrito Federal.