Hundreds rally to stop Chrysler plant closing

Auto workers rally to save their jobs.


William (Bill) Adelman remembered

A life of devotion to the pursuit of labor history came to an abrupt end on Sept. 15 with the death of William J Adelman, a founder of the Illinois Labor History Society and its vice president.


Sugar company to blame for deaths, federal agency says

Agency blames suguar company and the Bush administration for worker deaths.


We're back!

Welcome - The People's World is launching its new website; yes, like the little engine that could, we are a daily again, in a bigger, better and more powerful format, reaching tens of thousands of readers through the ever-widening medium of the Internet.

Fired hotel housekeepers reject Hyatt ‘job offer’

Hyatt offered to "rehire" fired Boston hotel workers: but take a look at the strings attached!


Labor organizing workers with social media

Labor unions are increasingly using the Internet as an organizing tool with an eye to building among younger workers.


Unite-Here says: Sí se puede, yes we can!

Video: About 200 hospitality workers and supports arrested in Chicago civil disobedience. Park Hyatt Chicago, Sept. 24, 2009.


Resurrection Health Care workers vow: ‘We’ll win our union’

Solidarity is the word on the picketline as over 8,000 Chicago  hospital workers fight to organize a union.


New AFL-CIO leaders set fighting tone

The AFL-CIO's  new leadership launches a national tour pressing for a public health option and passing the EFCA.


Labor tells G-20 to save planet and its workers

PITTSBURGH — It was clear at a rally here last night that the labor and environmental movements are more united now than ever before as they put forward demands on leaders of the G-20 nations that they believe are needed to rescue both workers and the planet.

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