A timely campaign: Health Care for the Holidays


There are many actions underway to win workers rights and push Congress on people's needs. Among them is the Health Care for the Holidays campaign launched by barackobama.com to educate and engage millions of people across the country with the Affordable Care Act. The stories of people getting health care relief through the new system are being buried in the media by negative stories.  

The special website and education campaign has been launched to enable ordinary people to discuss the value of signing up for the Affordable Care Act with their families over the holidays. This is of direct benefit to family members and also an answer to the tea party attempt to block any progress for working people.  

The tea party burst onto the national scene in 2009 during the summer recess when members of Congress held town hall meetings about health care. The tea party's stated purpose was to disrupt and prevent any new health care legislation from passing.  Since that time they have used every legislative and legal means at their disposal to destroy any pro-people health care reform. This has affected many other issues including the government shutdown. It will be a factor in the 2014 elections.

Many organizations are participating with the Health Care for the Holidays campaign including Organizing for Action and Working America.

Make your holiday more meaningful. Enjoy family, protest with Walmart workers, and take the time to learn about, discuss and sign up for the Affordable Care Act and your state health care program.

Photo: BarackObama.com

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  • I have had no medical insurance since my partner, Melanie Shouse, and I maxed-out 6 credit cards paying for insurance back in December, 2009.
    Now, thanks to the ACA (Obamacare), I will be on Medicaid starting January 1, 2014.
    Melanie would be so proud that something that she fought so hard for is being implemented to the benefit of millions of people who will finally have access to affordable medical care.
    It's a good day for America that we can make this leap forward.
    There are many other victories ahead as the struggle continues.

    Posted by William Hart, 12/03/2013 8:01pm (2 years ago)

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