Afghanistan exit strategy needed

As the U.S. death toll in Afghanistan creeps upward, and the country continues to be ravaged by violence and poverty, an increasing number of voices are warning that, as peace advocate and former California state Sen. Tom Hayden put it, "quagmire is more likely than success in the predictable future."

President Obama's special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard Holbrooke, acknowledged the declining support for the war in Afghanistan, saying recently, "We feel the impatience of the public and the Congress."

It is increasingly unclear what the U.S. military venture really expects to accomplish, and demands are growing for a clear exit strategy.

"I don't use the word 'victory', but 'success' instead," Holbrooke said. You cannot define success, he said, "but we'll know it when we see it."

Hayden warns, "Like success, a quagmire will be known when the public sees it." Noting the increase in U.S. casualties, he says, "For every one of those dead American soldiers, not to mention the uncounted dead Afghan and Pakistan civilians, the quagmire already has begun."

Ninety-five House members, including seven Republicans, have cosponsored a bill, HR 2404, introduced by Rep. Jim McGovern, D-Mass., that would require the Defense Secretary to present an exit strategy for U.S. military operations in Afghanistan by the end of the year.

Polls show Americans are ambivalent, at best, on Afghanistan. One recent poll showed 54 percent oppose the U.S. war there. While a majority still support President Obama's handling of it, those numbers are slipping. And, underscoring Hayden's point, a majority now say the war was not worth fighting, and only 24 percent favor sending more troops.

As some commentators are noting, bogging the U.S. down in an Afghanistan quagmire could endanger the progressive domestic and international agenda that Obama has called for and that he was elected to carry out. And if that agenda fails, and the ultra-right rides that failure back to power, the American people, and the people of the world, will suffer.

A wide range of experts warns that there is no military solution to the threat of terrorism and to the problems in Afghanistan and its neighbor Pakistan. A comprehensive exit strategy is needed to end the U.S. military operation in Afghanistan. It will need to emphasize regional diplomacy and peacemaking, and collaborative international efforts for economic and social development.


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  • Also I forgot to add that the US has on order Russian helicopters and tanks for the ANA. So not only is the USDF arming and training Communists for a potential military takeover of Afghanistan they are also paying the Russians for equipment because it works better and is cheaper thaan US made equipment and in the mean time the US forces are using this equipment in their war.

    Posted by Aussie Comrade, 09/20/2010 6:06pm (5 years ago)

  • The US does have an exit strategy for the war in Afghanistan.

    It involves 'rehalitating' the Russian supported Pacham and Hhaliq factions of the former PDPA and including them in a Popular Front with such groups as the Indian backed National Congress Party, the Bristish support Social Democratic party as well as former elements of what is called in the west the Northern Alliance into a Bristiah conceptusalisation known as her Majestites Loyal Opposition. Thats why McCyrstal went ape shit cause it ment the restoring to power of Communists which he working hard to keep oout of the government.

    in doingtheis they have installed a former education minister from teh Najibulalh governemnt as Governer of Kandahar and have made the Khaliq faction Militia the best armed and trained faction of the Afghan National Army (ANA). They aim to exit after the elections in which they hope a coalition governemtn of these groups will form government under pressure witht he current group in power and help the US Miltary leave peacefully. This is the exit startegy but who in the US wants to admit to helping fund and train Communist to achieve electrol succesful or if things go astray a US sponsored Communist military takover of a country.

    Like a hand grenade tossed into a thunderbox shit will go everywhere in the US if Obama is seen to be using the USDF to establish communsit governemtns so there trying to keep these plans on the downlow.


    If you would like me to write an article on this topic know my email is

    Posted by Aussie Comrade, 09/20/2010 6:02pm (5 years ago)

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