Appalling conditions exposed at farmworker camps

It's hard to make ends meet for many trailer residents.

New labor SuperPAC jumps into the political field

The labor movement says it formed the SuperPAC because it will allow unions to bring their program to non-union members.


99% Spring blooming nationwide

Activists nationwide are ensuring that the 99% Spring is in full bloom.


Rough going for anti-union drives

The right-wing anti-labor agenda continues, as bills in state capitols countrywide - designed to attack workers rights - still threaten middle and working class families.


NLRB condemns Hyatt's Facebook censorship

The NLRB's regional director in Phoenix has thrown the book - or, rather, the company employee handbook - at Hyatt, arguing that sections of it are illegal.


AFL-CIO tackles rights violations in Honduras

Honduras is violating the Central American Free Trade Agreement by not enforcing its own labor laws.


CWA rallies for contracts at AT&T

Hundreds of AT&T workers and their families filled the New Haven Green Saturday with a sea of red t-shirts and Communications Workers of America signs.


Letter carriers campaign to save postal service

With Congress home for a two-week Easter-Passover recess, the Letter Carriers and other postal unions have seized the opportunity to campaign.


Court ditches parts of Wisconsin’s anti-worker law

Late Friday afternoon a federal judge here struck down two parts of GOP Gov. Scott Walker's 2011 anti-worker law that killed collective bargaining rights for workers.

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