New York reclaims May Day

The workers of the world united, literally, May 1 in a historic rally organized by the labor and immigrants' rights movements.


Hero of labor, Will Parry, celebrates 90th birthday

SEATTLE - At his 90th birthday party, April 24, Will Parry picked up his guitar and led 400 union brothers and sisters, family, comrades, and friends in singing "Carry It On," ending, "No more tears, for we're still singing."


Protesters address Ohio Union's design and employee treatment

Chants and drumbeats rang outside the new Ohio Union as two groups took advantage of the opening ceremonies Monday to draw attention to two very different issues.


“Workers of the world stuck together” and won at Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss workers fought, and won: "We did it! We have our jobs!"


Jobs top building trades’ agenda

Construction joblessness is above 20% and bank credit for private construction has been yanked in the recession. Jobs top unions' agenda.


POWER Act would curb worker abuse, senator says

Lawmaker announces bill to strengthen immigrant and all workers' rights on the job.


Building workers rally on ruling class turf

Thousands of energized New York City unionized apartment building workers and their supporters marched April 13 from Central Park to ritzy Park Avenue to a rally on their contract demands.


NYC labor movement: Let’s reclaim May Day

"Reclaim the history of May Day for the working class!" That was the message of the April 8 mobilization meeting for the May Day March and Rally that will take place May 1 in Manhattan's Foley Square.


Why working people are angry and why politicians should listen

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka details the struggles facing America's working people and the challenges to take the anger and use it in unifying and productive ways.  


Hugo Boss workers keep fight for jobs alive

The workers at Hugo Boss deserve our support, urges Rep. Dennis Kucinich and others at a solidarity rally in Brooklyn, Ohio.

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