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A cinematic thriller of love, film, kidnapping and Korean politics

It probably would have helped the cause of North Korean socialism not to go around kidnapping major film stars.


Greg Palast's "Best Democracy Money Can Buy": Billionaires and ballot bandits

The film's central focus is an alleged conspiracy to nullify the votes of at least 1 million mostly minority people at the polls.


"A Mexican Trilogy: An American Story": Sumptuous, epic L.A. theatre

The trilogy is an intricate clockwork of characters, generations, a variety of urban settings, and actors performing several roles over the course of three plays and five hours.


Marx & Engels writings on Civil War still provocative 155 years later

With a GOP candidate loved by neo-Confederates and alt-right white nationalists, new edition of "Civil War in the United States" appears at the right time.

“Arcadia”: Tom Stoppard’s complex Byronic drama to the manor born

This two-acter is so complex that the playbill actually includes a "character map" which, like a genealogical diagram, traces who is who in a series of linked boxes.

"What does it mean to be Chicano?": International film festival pushes for Latinx inclusion in Hollywood

The weekend festival highlighted the triumphs of Chicana/o creativity while addressing the continued need to fight for inclusion and diversity.

“Haunted House Party”: Roman comedy makes a comeback after 2200 years

After the proverbial curtain fell I felt like paraphrasing Hamlet: "I have of late, but wherefore I know why, lost all my misery...."

“High bridge to the future”: Robert Edwards’ working words

One hundred forty-seven years since Marx's Communist Manifesto, Robert Edwards publishes a retrospective of his political poems.

The Toronto International Film Festival 2016: A preview

Master film directors abound in this latest installment of a festival that respects the craft of filmmaking.

“Mutual Philanthropy” reveals predatory side of gentrification

It's hard to escape the politics of the moment surrounding this world premiere production.