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"Green Grow the Lilacs": Summer of the "Okies"

WGTB is presenting Lynn Riggs' 1931 classic Green Grow the Lilacs, wherein two of the townsfolk identify themselves as being one quarter Native. 


"Mr. Holmes": Sherlock's greatest case, a study in existentialism

At 76, Ian McKellen plays a 93-year-old Sherlock living at what appear to be the white cliffs of Dover and as a younger Holmes, hired for what was to be...


Stage and film star, humanitarian Theodore Bikel dies at 91

"No one loved theater more, his union better, or cherished actors like Theo did; he has left an indelible mark on generations of members past and members to come."


"Dying to Know" is new doc about a dynamic duo

Gay Dillingham's "Dying to Know," narrated by Robert Redford, was an entertaining, informative doc about Ram Dass and Timothy Leary.

Today in history: Patrick Stewart turns 75

The highly accomplished, ever busy, and much beloved actor Patrick Stewart is 75 years old today.

"15 and a Union, Someday," a villanelle

This poem is a villanelle, a form of poetry that traces its humble roots to the Italian countryside and peasants singing rounds during the harvest.

Today in history: Ringo Starr turns 75, asks for peace and love

Ringo Starr, legendary drummer for the Beatles, and a world-renowned advocate for peace, was born as Richard Starkey in Liverpool, England, on this date in 1940.

"JFK and the Unspeakable" is "convincing portrait" of Kennedy

This is the only book on the assassination recommended by the Kennedy family.

Today in history: Earl Robinson, composer of “Joe Hill,” born

On this date in 1910, composer Earl Robinson was born in Seattle.

Misty Copeland named first black female principal dancer at ABT

Ms. Copeland, the dancer who has become a forceful voice for diversity in ballet, was named a principal dancer on Tuesday.