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"The Shannara Chronicles" offers elves, magic, and Millennials

Everything ancient is new again on The Shannara Chronicles, which caters to a very specific audience and is far better than it has any right to be.


"The X-Files": The nostalgia is out there, but is it good?

The question is whether The X-Files, in its six-episode "event series," lives up to the hype, or holds a candle to the original.


Singing the praises of a Portuguese Holocaust hero

Five years ago the Sousa Mendes Foundation commissioned composer Neely Bruce to write an oratorio about the Portuguese rescuer.


“Aferim!”: The wild, wild East in film

It has a number of genre conventions of the Western, though one could argue that the Romanian-set film should be called an "Eastern."


Reading the backstory on Bernie: “Outsider in the White House”

Can a seasoned Independent who calls himself a "democratic socialist" get elected to the White House in 2016?


"The Big Short” in review: The fire next time

The film version of Michael Lewis' non-fiction book "The Big Short" is a high percentage earner in the Great Recession sweepstakes. 


Genocide, dispossession, and creating a human and sustainable community

"An Indigenous People's History of the United States," is an unforgiving accounting of the nation-building practices of the European settlers and the heroic resistance of indigenous peoples.


Quintessential Quentin: "The Hateful Eight" reviewed

It's worth seeing because of its scorching onscreen examination of racism -- then and now -- but it completely squanders the big screen process.


“A Year Without Sundays:” remaking Cuban society through literacy campaign

A modern day activist for social change often dreams of that day when all the hard work of struggle comes to fruition . . .

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