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Walk in a prisoner's shoes with virtual reality filmmaking

While virtual reality has mainly been used for video games so far, filmmakers are using it as a means to immerse audiences in the Black and imprisoned experience.


New film documents the class divide in NYC’s Chelsea

In a new film, the timeless system of pitting "us" against the "others" is displayed in the story of gentrification of New York City's West Chelsea neighborhood.


Women’s Capoeira weekend in Connecticut fuses art and struggle

Community members in New Haven were introduced to the Afro-Brazilian martial art Capoeira during a women's weekend with Brazilian Mestra Tisza Coelho.


This week in history: New Smithsonian African American Museum opens

Efforts to erect such a museum go back as far as 1915, when it was originally proposed by African-American Civil War veterans.


"Bridget Jones's Baby": Good fun for women and men

The story has lots of laughs generated by sight gags, broad slapstick, witty dialogue and many mature references (minus snickering) to sex, body functions, body parts and paternity.


“Arcadia”: Tom Stoppard’s complex Byronic drama to the manor born

This two-acter is so complex that the playbill actually includes a "character map" which, like a genealogical diagram, traces who is who in a series of linked boxes.


"What does it mean to be Chicano?": International film festival pushes for Latinx inclusion in Hollywood

The weekend festival highlighted the triumphs of Chicana/o creativity while addressing the continued need to fight for inclusion and diversity.


“Mutual Philanthropy” reveals predatory side of gentrification

It's hard to escape the politics of the moment surrounding this world premiere production. 


Ronnie Gilbert's "Radical Life in Song"

A memoir isn't a well-researched biography by a historian; it is a remembering fat with feelings; this is a gloriously personal invitation to us to see how she saw it.


“Dutch Masters”: A terse, tense dissection of race in America

"The deeper I investigated, the more I related to what these characters are searching for and the ideas that are dramatized."

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