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"Bridget Jones's Baby": Good fun for women and men

The story has lots of laughs generated by sight gags, broad slapstick, witty dialogue and many mature references (minus snickering) to sex, body functions, body parts and paternity.


“Haunted House Party”: Roman comedy makes a comeback after 2200 years

After the proverbial curtain fell I felt like paraphrasing Hamlet: "I have of late, but wherefore I know why, lost all my misery...."


“Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising”: Liberté, Egalité, Sororité

It's summer in Hollywood again: feminists and intelligent moviegoers may want to lower their expectations.


Women can be comedic pranksters too: “The Boss”

While some may find the laughs to be loutish and louche, overall this critic enjoyed it.


Girlhood's peaks and valleys: "Infinitely Polar Bear" reviewed

Screenwriter Maya Forbes makes an auspicious directorial debut in this intensely personal film recreating her troubled Boston girlhood during the 1970s


Today in history: Stan Laurel is born 125 years ago

Laurel and Hardy became friends with inimitable comic chemistry, and huge audience pleasers at the box office.


A grand romance in staged Around the World in 80 Days

Lightning-fast changing of costumes, props and sets lends itself to levity as mustaches droop and muttonchops fall off of undaunted actors who know the show must go on.


Jon Stewart's exit as a phony newsman is a loss to real news

As a champion of enlightened phoniness in TV journalism, Stewart has proven himself to be one-of-a-kind, a fake who's unrivaled as the real deal.


Remembering Robin Williams: the laughter, compassion, and humanity

Williams, hardly "selfish" or "cowardly," gave back to the people via his career-spanning progressive activism.


Comedian John Oliver confronts racism, police militarization in Ferguson

Sometimes it takes a Brit to hold up a mirror to America, capture its ugly side and reflect it back in biting, yet empathetic, satire.

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