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This week in history: Jack London, writer, socialist, is born

Jack London, novelist and passionate advocate of labor unions, socialism, and the rights of workers, was born 140 years ago.


Unpacking a trunk of new Soviet Yiddish songs: A self-interview

"This is exhilarating. It's been a long time coming and I'm very proud of our work on it. It's been a highly collective process."


David Bowie, 1947-2016: Departure of the Cosmic Chameleon

Bowie was an artist; a true original force that didn't stay still but progressed, shedding identities and modes of work and style to offer new canvases.


Here's why you should go see “Trumbo”

If you haven't seen "Trumbo", check your movie listings, run to the nearest theater, and check it out.


"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" tackles racism, misogyny, men’s “daddy issues”

"The Force Awakens" brings a contemporary twist to the beloved classic series.


Page to screen: 10 books that should be TV shows

As some of us take a holiday break and delve into pop culture, here's something to make you think: the top 10 books that ought to be on TV.


Best webseries of 2015: The top 10 shows not on TV

The world of television is changing - by bringing series to various online platforms. Here's a list of the best webseries.


The top 10 unique fantasy novels: A holiday reading list

The holidays provide an opportunity to sit by a fireplace and get lost in a long, epic work of fantasy.


Latin Grammy Awards: Don’t vote for racists

 The Latin Grammy Awards started out as a typical music awards show, until Los Tigres and Mana held  up a large sign that read "Latinos Unidos No Voten for Racistas!"


Rampling and Courtenay: The past preserved haunts the present in “45 Years”

Andrew Haigh's film is a profoundly stirring one about a longtime married couple poignantly portrayed by two cinema greats.

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