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New book offers another perspective on Trump: satire

"YUGE! 30 Years Of Doonesbury On Trump" honestly reflects the over-the-top greed and self-promotion that has defined Trump for well over three decades.


Down with the Republic! Shakespeare's "Titus Andronicus" in Topanga

Ellen Geer tackles a tragedy written in 1594 set in ancient Rome, resets it in the future, and does so as comment on contemporary America.


I watched Dinesh D’Souza’s awkward anti-Hillary movie so you don’t have to

D'Souza selectively culls, bends, and ultimately breaks history in a desperate attempt to show how all evil flows from Democrats.


Two progressive films to win your heart

Two rousing and heartwarming docs at the Tribeca Film Festival shining the spotlight on two charismatic politician: Michael Tubbs of Stockton and the late, great Ann Richards of Texas.


“An African Election” gives riveting backdrop to coming Ghana vote

The critically acclaimed documentary "An African Election" provides a riveting taste of politics in Ghana, the West African nation that is gearing up for elections this Friday.