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Greg Palast's "Best Democracy Money Can Buy": Billionaires and ballot bandits

The film's central focus is an alleged conspiracy to nullify the votes of at least 1 million mostly minority people at the polls.


"A Mexican Trilogy: An American Story": Sumptuous, epic L.A. theatre

The trilogy is an intricate clockwork of characters, generations, a variety of urban settings, and actors performing several roles over the course of three plays and five hours.


Walk in a prisoner's shoes with virtual reality filmmaking

While virtual reality has mainly been used for video games so far, filmmakers are using it as a means to immerse audiences in the Black and imprisoned experience.


New film documents the class divide in NYC’s Chelsea

In a new film, the timeless system of pitting "us" against the "others" is displayed in the story of gentrification of New York City's West Chelsea neighborhood.


“Arcadia”: Tom Stoppard’s complex Byronic drama to the manor born

This two-acter is so complex that the playbill actually includes a "character map" which, like a genealogical diagram, traces who is who in a series of linked boxes.


"Walk All Night": Documentary follows Chicago "bucket boys" to Senegal

Social worker Elita Tewelde wanted to empower Chicago's bucket drummers, mostly young African American men and boys, through a connection to their past.


I watched Dinesh D’Souza’s awkward anti-Hillary movie so you don’t have to

D'Souza selectively culls, bends, and ultimately breaks history in a desperate attempt to show how all evil flows from Democrats.


New book explores the roots of the term “White trash”

Some landless whites in early America who survived war, workhouses, prostitution, and press gangs ditched their poverty wages and constricted lives and lit out for the territories.


Blinded by the bright lights of Hollywood and “Café Society”

How Woody Allen keeps 'em coming on such a high level of interest is a phenomenon of continued creative juices still flowing in the senior decades. 


“Our Little Sister”: A masterpiece

"Our Little Sister" is a film of surpassing beauty and sensitivity, a fully realized insight into family that unfolds patiently, with elegance and understanding.

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