Audio: Communist Party responds to Obama's SOTU address

The following is an interview with Communist Party Executive Vice Chair Jarvis Tyner in response to President Obama's January 27th state of the union address. It was conducted Thursday January 28th.

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  • @Michael: A system can exist with one of two things, freedom or equality. You are one who believes in the value of freedom, that's very noble, but I (or we as Communists, rather) believe in the power of equality. In a true Communist society, it is similar to that of a "perfect democracy", the idea that EVERYONE gets a vote, whether you want to vote or not. Any "Communist" nation you've seen with people in power isn't truly Communist, it's despotism and tyranny. I would want everything to be shared between the people, the government providing a universal insurance, the proletariat all having jobs, but you don't like the idea of losing "freedom". The freedom to starve, the freedom to ignore those in need, the freedom to let others make decisions for you (ie. did you have a say in whether or not we go to war in the Middle-East?). When the People's Republic of the United States is upon us, you can leave, that's what I'd vote for you anyways.

    Posted by BobFlorisi, 08/07/2012 6:46pm (3 years ago)

  • So, I'm certain as a FREE man, and this, a COMMIE posting...My comments probably won't post - But, I'll give it a try....

    What I find most entertaining is that, when you look at the Commies, and, their grand way of life...Its a Unicorn. I'm sure there are unicorns, mind you, but I've never seen one..

    Let's COMPARE a Constitutional Republic, the United States, to some hard facts, shall we?

    In A Republic, I can, without fear of the Government, because of the U.S. Constitution, post whatever I want....

    In a Commie World - That's not happening.

    In A Republic, I can be INSPIRED to be creative and be Rewarded for MY creations - Could be a Lemonade stand and I enjoy Profits of my labor...

    In a Commie world, I will be Forced to share, even though I took the risk

    In A Republic, I can petition the Government and protected to do so if I don't like what or how they're doing it....

    In A Commie World, I could expect to be arrested.

    So, Just based on three points - Individual Freedom - Trashed in a Commie world, Economic Freedom - Trashed in a Commie world and Personal Freedom - Trashed in a Commie world.

    Yeah, sounds like a great system to me.."Power to the people" means - Only to those that are IN POWER....And in a COMMIE world, they're not about to share that, but they want me to SHARE what I have -

    Great plan!

    Posted by Michael, 05/01/2012 12:05am (4 years ago)

  • @MANNY
    I'll show you some countries that made "Communism Work' If you can tell me what you mean by making a country work"...Also When make make statement like "look at England .."(by which you probably mean GB), you should tell us what you mean. WHAT, do you know about Great Britain? Have you been there? Have you spoken to more than 1 person about thier Pesion and Health system? Do you think they would trade it for some American "free market" pain? We can all say all kind of unproven, unprovable crazy shit. It dosent help.

    Posted by Solerso, 09/26/2011 12:08am (4 years ago)

  • I am open minded but I have doubts and questions. I would like a straight answer from someone. You have Cuban Government that feel the system is a failure, China is becoming less Communists, but what makes this party better? Here are some questions that I would like clarifications.

    1. When Communism is declared will the current Constitution be abolished?
    2. Will Communism abolish Republican and Democratic Parties?
    3. A classless society is great, but will the government be equally classless? What I mean is will the government be like North Korea, China and Cuba that the government body have nice cars, maids, aides/entourage, nice homes and more possesion of the people.
    4. Will people be afforded freedom of speech? Will the people be able to criticize the government without being prosecuted?
    5. Will people have the power to strike, protest and organize groups to let our grievences be known?
    6. Will people be shot and killed like in China when protests are organized? Will human rights be violated like China, North Korea and Cuba?
    7. Other than the people be 100% taken cared of and the government gives us rights, will religions be abolished?
    8. Do people have to give up their second car?
    9. Do people lose ownership of their homes?
    10. Are the people going to have ration cards to purchase anything and will it be limited?
    11. Are people subject to 1 child policy as well like China?
    12. Will television and the media be censored?
    13. Will people have the right to vote for Democratic, Republican, Progressive, Socialism and Communism and run the country as such?

    Posted by Joseph, 08/20/2011 3:15pm (4 years ago)

  • I don't know what the problem is but I can't find the link to the audio on this page.

    Posted by Ed LaBonte, 08/16/2011 12:23pm (4 years ago)

  • I admit I have communist leanings;however regardless of whatever system of government or political ideology you believe in it must have a fully functioning system of CHECKS&BALANCES.This country is falling apart because of a combination of warped American Mythology about primarily focused on the 40's & 50's and corporate "donations" to the politicians who serve in commities that are set as the aforementioned checks&balances.We as country are falling apart because of these progenitors of greed in the last three decaded were allowed to run rampant because of the paranoia of. McCarthy "Better dead than Red".Its American to be a greedy bastard inspite of the pains of others as long as you make a profit.If communism gains seats in political offices like in the early 1900's in NY there must be checks & balances and true accountability.

    Posted by Eloy, 05/15/2011 2:30pm (5 years ago)

  • thats neat i guesss but whats the communist party about? where doing a research paper and i have nada

    Posted by mary swan, 04/12/2011 6:16pm (5 years ago)

  • @Manny: Successful? China and they have all our jobs now. FYI Mexico is a Capitalist county and over there cab drivers and bartenders make more than doctors. The difference is that here the medical profession is protected by the AMA and other entities and given special treatment here. There are more than enough doctors in this country so it has nothing to do with supply and demand. With the exception of doctors, lawyers, and politicians you can go to school for something your whole life and gain all the experience you can but when the market tanks in your profession you're S.O.L. here and then you have to pay to be trained for something else. BTW I would give anything to see these Wall Street bankers try to make ends meet on a $400/wk paycheck that they say is good enough for the rest of us.

    Posted by Robert, 03/25/2011 5:39am (5 years ago)

  • I have a question, seems as though the communists in this country feel as though communism would be different in America, that it would empower everyone and that all would be treated equally. Humans are greedy, power hungry animals, that once given the ability to control will take every opportunity to maintain their control no matter the cost. I am not communist, I like my freedoms and the freedom from government involvement. Forget making a good wage to live off of, we would be stuck making $10.00 an hour, no matter the profession. A person with eight years of college and years of experience would make the same as an individual who has dropped out of high school and working at McDonalds. There is no reward for hard work. Cops who risk their life would make the same as an individual who takes no risks. With Communism, there is no freedom from government involvement. My question is, why would anyone want a communist party to rule this country? It might be good for a nano second but after that politicians would become the USSR, Cuba, N. Korea, Forget Communism, Show me which country has made communism work, England is socialist and look at it, BROKE! N. Korea, Communist, treats their citizens like Garbage! Please let me know which countries have ever been communist and have been successful. Poland Communist, Brother in law risked his life to escape.

    Posted by Manny, 03/14/2011 8:44pm (5 years ago)

  • Yeah, most of the anti-Communist comments on here could more accurately be described as anti-Stalinist. Communism, as many people (like Zach) have said, doesn't mean giving up ones individual freedoms and rights. The real problem in the USSR was that men with twisted morals were able to take power and their position to oppress the proletariat.

    I have a few friends who are anti-Communist but they are opposed to it on principle and not because of its Stalinist tendencies. It is fine having discussions with them, because they actually know what they are talking about, while people who use the ideas of Stalinism and Communism interchangeably are very annoying.

    Posted by , 02/27/2011 10:22pm (5 years ago)

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