Justice served to restaurant workers

The Restaurant Opportunities Center of Michigan (ROC-MI) won a major victory when the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issued an order that Dearborn's Andiamo Restaurant acted  illegally.


Disneyland worker sent home for hijab

A Muslim employee in Disneyland's Grand Californian Hotel has been sent home from work with no pay for refusing to take off her hijab while working as a hostess in a hotel restaurant.


College grad adds union organizing to job as a laundry hauler

 Unorganized California  hotel workers stage a one-day strike.


Dinner honors workers' ‘incredible courage'

Union and community supporters showed solidarity with Castlewood Country Club workers who have been locked out of their jobs at the posh Pleasanton club for nearly six months.


Laborers to rejoin AFL-CIO

The Change To Win federation will lose yet another member on Oct. 1, when the Laborers rejoin the AFL-CIO - but in a sense, they never really left.


Steelworkers show the way on fair trade

Last week the United Steelworkers union (USW) announced important agreements with two Chinese clean energy companies.


Burger retires from SEIU, Change To Win posts

Anna Burger, who as recently as a few months ago envisioned herself leading the Service Employees, retired on Aug. 11 from her job as its Secretary-Treasurer, the union's #2 post.


Possible lockout looms for NFL players

There are rumors floating around of a possible National Football League lockout that could possibly come as soon as the 2011 season.


Labor pushes for the swing vote

Pollsters are reporting that the "swing voters," most of them working-class moderates and even some conservatives, are now ready to vote against all incumbents, even if it means putting the GOP back in power.


Laborers say: Build America so America works

BALTIMORE - In the shadow of the Wilkens Ave. Bridge, one of Maryland's 372 "structurally deficient bridges," more than 200 workers rallied Aug. 2 to "Build Maryland so Maryland Works."