Britney Spears and Mitt Romney own matching $55,000 car elevators

Brit and Mitt have something in common!

Pop superstar Britney Spears and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney both installed state-of-the art $55,000 Phantom Park car elevators in their homes, Us Weekly can confirm.

Romney once said he wasn't concerned about the "very poor." He also said, "corporations are people" and he likes to fire people. Romney was CEO of Bain Capital, stories of workers losing jobs and factories shutting down for "investors" maximum profit abound.

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  • It figures. Dropping 55K on a car elevator is nothing for these multi million air political monsters.

    Posted by Live free, 01/19/2014 2:45pm (2 years ago)

  • When Republican candidate Mitt Romney ordered this expensive Phantom car elevator, the opposing party’s allies called this move as being out of touch from the middle class Americans. Though Romney’s party calls it as a necessity especially with the space constraints in most of America’s real estate, I think that Romney should have not gone purchasing such expensive ‘necessities’ especially if he is under the public’s scrutiny due to his campaign. This was a major topic of discussion at the auto parts department, when there was a balance of Obama and Romney supporters.

    Posted by Thomas Williams, 05/23/2013 1:18pm (3 years ago)

  • Is there any doubt that a Romney administration would favor the rich and increase the income gap in our country? Mitt is a pariah in Mormon Clothing and will stop at nothing to expand an empire of greed for the rich in this country. Can his sacred Mormon underwear gain him enough donations to buy this election? See for yourself as Mitt dons his tighty-whities from the Good Lord Himself at

    Posted by Brandt Hardin, 06/20/2012 2:11pm (4 years ago)

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