“Checkpoints and Borders” sings of immigrant youth (with video)


(Texas Media Collective) - Undocumented immigrants aren't faceless. Contrary to right-wing myths, you'll find them not only harvesting American harvests, but also hard at work in our schools and colleges, serving in the military, bagging groceries, and creating computer software.

Nor are they voiceless. They have many concerns, but a common theme is love of country and a desire to remain in their adopted home.

Alvaro Che of Houston has created a song, "Checkpoints and Borders," about those who refuse to keep silent. He voices the fears of young people who are emotionally tied to the U.S., yet who are in danger of legal kidnapping by the government.

The Reverbnation page of his band, Liquid Casing, describes its sound as rock, eccentric free-style, and progressive.

Listen to Liquid Casing perform "Checkpoints and Borders" in this powerful video (see lyrics below the video):

Checkpoints and Borders

(lyrics provided by Alvaro Che)

Tired of Last Looks

and those fading memories

of everyone that I've left behind.

Tired of the shadow cast

by a mountain of tears.

crushing (down)

on those trapped beneath.

These Borders, they're everywhere.

There is more to this life than fear.

Checkpoints to see where we belong.

"Can't you see? I don't belong."

My skin said it all;

that border I just can't cross.

These Borders, they don't belong.

There is more to this life than fear.

I don't belong, to anyone, anymore.

These Borders. They don't belong.

Copyright © Liquid Casing.  All rights reserved.

Photo: Courtesy of Liquid Casing