Cheers and jeers, from the Gulf to the Vatican

CHEERS to President Obama for sending the fourth bill for cost of cleanup in the Gulf to BP. Paid to U.S. government so far: $221.9 million. (From the BBC via Brian in Massachusetts)

JEERS to the CEOs on Wall Street for calling Obama "anti-business" and accusing him of stopping job growth despite the rise in corporate profits since his inauguration. (From New York Times via Brian Fitzpatrick)

JEERS to BP for costing 11 lives by taking safety shortcuts during Deepwater Horizon inspections and destroying the jobs of many fishermen on the Gulf, all while permanently destroying the ecosystem. (From Labor Express Radio via Derek Souleotes)

JEERS to outrageous CEO pay! (From Daily Finance via Jim Lane)

JEERS to Rand Paul for indicating his opposition to workers' rights across the board. Rand Paul answered a questionnaire by the Coalition to Protect Kentucky Jobs, saying that he opposes the Employee Free Choice Act and all of its various parts. Paul would rather protect the rights of corporations than the rights of the workers. (From USW's Blog via Derek Souleotes)

CHEERS to the Latino baseball players who want the All Star game moved away from Arizona! (From AFL-CIO blog via Jim Lane)

JEERS to the Vatican for issuing stronger rules against child abusers, while not bringing known criminals to justice. (From New York Times via Brian in Massachusetts)


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  • I find Rand Paul and his fellow teapartiers to be scary. I recently read a letter in a local newspaper cautioning those who support the tea party to be careful of what you wish for.

    That pretty much sums up how I feel. These people are dangerous. If they get into power, who knows what mayhem they will commit. DON'T elect them.

    Posted by Ronald Humphrey, 07/20/2010 6:51am (6 years ago)

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