Dallas opts to take immigrant children


DALLAS - Up to 2,000 immigrant children will be cared for in Dallas under a plan announced by County Judge Clay Jenkins at the Texas Democratic Party Convention June 28. Federal dollars would pay for the plan. Desperate Central American children, traveling alone, fleeing stunning poverty and violence, have fled into the United States. Around 50,000 of them are in temporary housing around the Texas/Mexico border.

Since Jenkins aired his plan, different letters to editors have appeared in the Dallas newspaper. Some of them would brutally toss the children back across the Mexican border or return them to war-torn Central America. Some say that Judge Jenkins is cynically using the children as an election-year ploy to enhance his re-election effort. Others see the humanitarian side of the proposal.

Union people aren't a bit surprised to see Jenkins step out from the crowd on a controversial issue. Since he was elected to the county's highest office four years ago, Jenkins has consistently stood up for poor and working people. When American Airlines employees desperately needed help, for example, Jenkins joined them on their picket lines. Most recently, Jenkins has distinguished himself by pushing for higher wages for all county employees, including those who are contract labor.

Photo: Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins speaks to reporters at a 2012 rally supporting American Airlines workers. Jim Lane/PW


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  • HURRAH FOR JUDGE JENKINS! Good men still exist in Texas! Start spreading the news.

    In Iowa, a philanthropic activist, Rich Eychaner, just started a campaign titled 1000 KIDS FOR IOWA, and this effort not only can improve conditions for border children but also the many 'at-risk kids' in Iowa.* Iowa was once an open, egalitarian state full of educated people, but then bad politicians invited the Perpetrators into the state to poison the land & later and distort the political processes. Now Perpetrators are giants who run the state and the politicians. Only determined individuals like Eychaner will be able to change our growing atmosphere of fear & loathing with cartoon candidates like Jodi Ernst.
    By bringing in children in dire need, we will help our own children in need of food, education, and services. NS

    *Our governor closed our 'Iowa Juvenile Home (IJH),' scattered the kids, gave away the assets which the IJH Foundation & Staff had developed over the many years IJH existed as a haven.

    Posted by Nancy Stillians, 07/17/2014 7:40pm (2 years ago)

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