Wisconsin's Walker fails to squelch free speech

Over 200 people gathered atWisconsin's state Capitol to defy Gov. Scott Walker's restrictions to free speech and freedom to assemble.


Wind industry blows off worker safety

The wind industry has an ongoing situation that needs to be remedied; they have fallen short on worker safety.


Florida Gov. Scott’s budget would slash Medicaid by $1.8 billion

Scott released his 2012-13 budget proposal, which would makes cuts to Medicaid, increases money to education, and gives more corporate hand outs to Florida businesses.


Fraught with racism, unchecked power, Michigan officials question emergency mgrs.

The signers said they had a particular concern the law may be "disproportionately applied to disenfranchise persons of color."


Communist Party initiates veterans committee

The experience is causing veterans to draw basic conclusions about the real nature of U.S. foreign policy and even capitalism.


Mind reading machines on the way?

Based on societal trends and extensive study, technology giant IBM has predicted that in the near future, machines will read minds.


Pell grants under fire

The president's emphasis on education means that free or highly subsidized subsidized higher education should be an explicit part of the domestic policy agenda.


New bill would open the way to cleaner ports

Members of Congress are stepping up the fight to overturn a longstanding roadblock to cleaning up air pollution affecting some 87 million people living near major U.S. ports.


Corporations pay zero state taxes

While state budgets, jobs and social programs are taking the worst hits since the Great Depression, the nation's largest corporations are paying little or no state taxes.


Unions urge House GOP to stop holding workers and the jobless hostage

The AFL-CIO is urging everyone to call House Speaker John Boehner at 202-225-0600, telling him to stop playing politics with the lives of working families.

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