CHICAGO: Annual Clarence Darrow event focuses on ending death penalty

March 13 2011 10:00 - March 13 2011 13:00

Attorneys, labor leaders, and social justice advocates will gather at the Darrow Bridge in Jackson Park, as they have every March 13 for over 50 years to honor Darrow's memory.

Darrow died March 13, 1938 in Chicago and his ashes were strewn at the lagoon.

The focus this year is the death penalty, which Darrow opposed. As Darrow said during a 1924 debate: "Why am I opposed to capital punishment? It is too horrible a thing for a State to undertake."

After the outdoor wreath-tossing, guests will move inside to the Museum of Science and Industry's New Columbia Room for a tribute to Darrow and his work on capital punishment. The speakers will be Edward Mogul and Joey Mogul, long-time civil rights attorneys.