Rev. Franklin Graham apologizes to President Obama for questioning his faith

Rev. Franklin Graham has issued an apology for questioning President Obama's faith. The evangelist son of Billy Graham in an interview on Morning Joe, when asked about the president's faith, repeatedly said, "I don't know, ask him."


At UAW legislative conference, Obama defends auto bailout

In a rousing speech to a legislative conference of the UAW, President Obama defended his administration's bailout of the auto industry and credited UAW workers as the real saviors of the big Detroit companies.


100,000 demand Clarence Thomas stay out of health care hearing

Over 100,000 signatures demanding Justice Clarence Thomas recuse himself from upcoming March hearings on the Affordable Care Act were presented to the Supreme Court on Friday. 


President Obama croons "Sweet Home Chicago" with BB King

President Obama sings the blues, not because he's down in the polls - he's up - but because legendary blues singer BB King asks him.


Billy Graham's son Franklin questions Obama's Christianity

The Rev. Franklin Graham today joined a list of right-wingers who have questioned President Obama's faith. Graham is the son of evangelist Billy Graham.


Obama’s pension chief pushes new plan to protect retirees

The head of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp., which insures traditional private pensions, wants to change how his agency charges premiums to firms it serves.