Video: Chicago rally for Wisconsin workers

Well over 2000 union and community activists turned out last Saturday in Chicago to support battling public workers in Wisconsin.


Protesters remain in Wisconsin Capitol despite Gov's order to clear out

Demonstrators slept overnight in Wisconsin's Capitol and continued to rally inside today, almost 24 hours after Republican Gov. Walker ordered police to clear them out.


Pro-union rallies spread, message deepens

For many who feel the country has been hijacked by corporate power the union democratic  model is appealing.

Kentucky unions rally at the Capitol

For an hour and a half Saturday February 26, a multi-generational, multi-racial crowd of over 200 stood in the cold outside the Kentucky capitol building singing songs, chanting, and listening to speeches.


Cheesehead solidarity: 3,000 jam Wash. state capital

Roaring solidarity with Wisconsin workers, many in the crowd wore Green Bay Packer "cheesehead" foam hats, symbolizing how the "Cheddar Revolution" has spread nationwide from America's Dairyland. 


Philadelphia rally for Wisconsin workers: Everybody needs a union

A dense crowd packed the Thomas Paine Plaza across from City Hall for a lunchtime rally Feb. 24 to support embattled workers in Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio.

Youngstown protests Kasich Chamber of Commerce visit

Over 1,000 demonstrators converged on the regional airport in Youngstown, Ohio, today to protest the arrival of Gov. John Kasich.


Missouri activists, unions say yes to cost-of-living

Missouri labor activists and leaders note that voters across the state overwhelmingly support increasing the minimum wage, which would benefit everyone.


Ohio workers, students: Why we fight

Participants in Tuesday's mass rally at the Ohio Statehouse tell the People's World why they came.


Thousands flood Ohio Capitol to defend union rights

As rallies, town hall meetings and teach-ins spread throughout the state up to 10,000 Ohioans converged on the Statehouse Tuesday to protest a Republican bill to repeal public employees' right to bargain collectively.

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