Homeless tent cities grow in the West


Ira Birkenfeld works with homeless people in Reno, Nevada. At last week's 29th Convention of the Communist Party USA, Birkenfeld spoke passionately about their survival struggles. In the short video below he describes his work and outlines the severe crisis of everyday living the that the homeless face.

As the economic crisis continues to throw thousands into the streets, it seems that some major "relief" efforts are aimed at hiding the homeless from the world. Many of the homeless are people who continue to work but have lost their homes or apartments. Ira and many other homeless advocates believe that it's time to unite and mobilize a national network of the unemployed and the homeless to fight for jobs and decent housing for all.



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  • Perhaps one day we will live in a world where none are forced into homelessness, where there is a sufficient social welfare net, and where money does not breed incredible levels of inequality. This is unlikely, but it is a nice ideal.

    Posted by Matthiew, 09/08/2012 8:05am (3 years ago)

  • why are so many doing so well and why dont they help those in need,i believe whe theytookthe bible out , they had evil ideas of thier own , greed

    Posted by mark hicks, 12/01/2010 10:15pm (5 years ago)

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