Hope is stronger than hate

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In their effort to win the Congress this year and the White House in 2012, the Republican Party and their tea party attack dogs are unashamedly promoting fear, racism, bigotry and red-baiting. This has been the subtext of all of their rallies.

President Obama is one of the most capable and responsible leaders to occupy the White House. His policies have turned the resources of the federal government more towards the benefit of working people than any president since FDR.

This is the people's money: it should be used to help the people. Efforts to regulate Wall Street, to cover the uninsured and extend unemployment compensation show a compassion we have not seen coming from the White House for some time.

The president's policy in Iraq is now at the exit stage. He is promoting negotiation instead of war between the Palestinians and Israelis. The same is true with respect to Iran.

There is a planned exit from Afghanistan.

President Obama has said the military budget should be cut and the resources used to help the people.

From the point of view of the ongoing struggle to rid the nation of the scourge of racism it is significant that these pro-working-class policies are coming from the first African American president.

We take exception to Obama's policies aimed at appeasing the right. His better policies often don't go far enough considering the depth of the crisis. However, with a broad coalition, with a broad people's movement pushing on the issues, the door to bigger gains can be opened.

It is this potential for change that is turning powerful sections of big business against Obama and driving the right wing to extremes.

The tea party with big funds from people like the Koch brothers and an open mike on Fox News represents this extreme.

Sections of the the GOP think it has become the last hope for their party to "bring down Obama." However, the struggle isn't over.

If the Congress ends up in the hands of the Republicans their "A Pledge to America" program will continue the Bush tax cuts for the rich. At a time when the opposite is needed, there will be drastic cuts in working-class entitlements.

With a GOP-led Congress we can expect an Arizona-style national racist attack on immigrant rights, and on marriage equality. Anti-Muslim provocations will increase.

Abortion rights will be in their cross hairs. A double dip recession is also likely.

What else could happen if they have a majority? What atrocities will be carried out against anyone who opposes them? They framed up and destroyed ACORN. Like the criminals they are, these extremists tried to frame Shirley Sherrod in order to attack the NAACP as racist. There are signs that they are out to suppress the black vote in November. The ghost of Joe McCarthy is alive and well in their ranks. Who will the witch hunters be after next?

The November 2nd election is critical. And because of the use of racism, bigotry and anti-communist hysteria against the Democrats and the president, defeating them at the polls has become vital to saving the nation.

Hope is stronger than hate. The coalition that united and elected Obama and the new Congress is bigger and stronger then the tea party/Republican/Libertarian right. Grassroots organizing came from the left not the right. They have the money but they do not have justice on their side.

There is no law that says the midterm elections have to always be a disaster for the majority party. This battle can be won. Black, brown, white, Native American Indian, Asian Pacific people united against racism, hypocrisy and hatred is a powerful thing. Labor, civil rights, women, youth, LGBT, peace activists and environmentalists united can win.

The march on October 2nd must lead to the voting booth in November. That is the path to progress.

Photo: Marguerite Herbst

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  • Criticizing Obama isn't the same as siding with the Republicans and no one is blaming Obama for all our problems or opposing action to solve them. Their is a good chance, that U.S. troops might still be in Iraq and Afghanistan for years and the sanctions on Iran continue over an unproven nuclear weapons program, increases the threat of war. Unfortunately, with the resumption of construction by israeli settlers in the occupied territories, it looks like peace is no closer then before.

    Posted by Sean Mulligan, 09/28/2010 9:30pm (5 years ago)

  • Brother Thomas Kenny? What mightier way to reject the residual of the reactionaries,ultra conservatives and fascist minded actions and mind set of the F B I,than to support in a 1000 thousands,demonstrating with job,peace and justice organizations-unless we think that "blaming" is the solution to our poverty strickened,hungry and largely jobless and homeless humanity,here in the United States of America.
    This article,by brother Jarvis Tyner challenges all who think that we solve our apocryphal problems of want,in the midst of plenty,produced by us,by simply"blaming" whatever president of whatever party.
    We solve our problems by fighting in action,not blaming.
    Further,not to speak for Peoples' World,but what is obvious is that forty years of neocon rule,following the anti-communism,imperialism,repression anti-civil rights, racism,and COINTELPRO,going back to the Hoovers,Herbert and J. Edgar,can be "blamed"on maybe Democrats Truman,Kennedy and Johnson, but especially Republicans Nixon,Reagan and the the infamous "Bushes".

    Posted by E.E.W. Clay, 09/28/2010 1:15pm (5 years ago)

  • People can join in the struggle to move forward with Obama or they can be on the side of Republicans. That is the choice. Thanks for clarifying this fact Jarvis.

    Posted by Joel Wendland, 09/28/2010 12:33pm (5 years ago)

  • Facts are mightier than fiction. With what president in the Oval Office were last Friday's FBI raids on antiwar activists carried out? Surely the Peoples' World doesn't blame those COINTELPRO-type actions on the Republicans?

    Posted by Thomas Kenny, New York, N Y, 09/28/2010 12:24pm (5 years ago)

  • Brother Jarvis Tyner agrees with tens of thousands and tens of millions of workers,students,union retirees,women rights activists,African liberation,unionists,Latino,Asian and liberation equality activists of many stripes when he measures hope as greater than hate.
    We have to now celebrate with acts of hope,which president Barack Hussein Obama has been pushing for since pre-election days,since standing on the steps of the Capitol of Springfield,Illinois.
    Since then,we know the miracle of hope,greater than hate,which has blossomed. Now,our U.S. imperial rulers are very upset at hope,coming from the deep,deep wellsprings of American history,again,Springfield ,IL,in the middle of our great country,the birthplace of the greatest civil rights organization in our history,the NAACP,which is demanding these actions,at this critical juncture in our history,to save hope and our countries'future from the sure destruction of hate.
    The NAACP,in unity with hundreds and hundreds of organizations,is demanding economic equality in banking,labor,trade,building trades and realty. Especially,
    it is demanding this equality for people of color.It is a stroke of genius that those most hated and hunted be used as a measuring stick for how well we have supported with action,hope.
    Jesus of Nazareth and His followers like Martin Luther King Jr. in our history have encouraged us that this ought to be the measure for assured victory. And this not by mere words,but again by action.
    A note on Springfield's NAACP-the great women's equality activist,Mary White Ovington,socialist founder of this organization along with Pan-Africanist W.E.B. Du Bois,has told-the great NAACP,a primary motive action force in the 2 OCT. job action and the 2 NOV 2010 vote action - historically had no steam until the tremendous African hope element,materialized in W.E.B. Du Bois's organized Niagra Movement,opposing Jim Crow,lynching and all forms of social and economic inequality and injustice,directed at any and all people,united with it.
    People,lets go hand in hand to demonstrate on 2 OCT and 2 NOV 2010 in action and hope,in this glorious,selfless history of our country,whose all peoples' unity has been written in blood,bone and peace.

    Posted by E.E.W. Clay, 09/28/2010 10:24am (5 years ago)

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