Four more years: Central and South Asia

From the ice-bound passes of the Hindu Kush to the blazing heat of the Karakum Desert, Central Asia is a sub-continent steeped in illusion.


Walmart: The eyes of the nation are on you!

Gun control advocates massed at a Walmart store a few miles from Sandy Hook Elementary School to demand the company stop selling rifles.


What can today's activists learn from Emancipation Proclamation?

The Emancipation Proclamation, signed Jan. 1, 1863, freed slaves in states - and parts of states - that were at war with the United States.


Is the right-wing era over? Not yet

Is the era of right-wing ascendancy over? I would argue that it is a bit premature to reach that conclusion.


2012 “Are You Serious?” awards

Every year Dispatches From The Edge gives awards to news stories and newsmakers that fall under the category of "Are you serious?"


The Second Amendment Is a dangerous anachronism

Three days after the massacre in Newtown, Conn., I was astonished to read a hard-hitting editorial in the Plain Dealer that ended with the following.


Majority backs higher taxes on the rich

Many - a significant portion I would argue - disapprove of the "fiscal cliff" deal because it does not increase taxes enough on the wealthy.


The mailman learns from Bob Moore the whole grain guy

I did not start my career as a letter carrier until I was 41 years old. Before that, I spent the majority of my working life as a self-employed small businessman.


“Free the Wilmington Ten!” forty years later

Forty years. Damn it's been a long time.


Bring the jobs home

Making smartphones abroad that could be made here is not so smart.

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